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    South Delhi
    Rudrita,  4 Years

    A big 'hi' to everyone. I was blessed with a baby girl this year on January 16th and it was the most memorable moment of my life when I first saw my li'l bundle of joy. It was a cesarian delivery as my gynaecologist detected IUGR and my high blood pressure complain right from the beginning of seventh month. As parents, me and my husband took all measures to ensure a healthy baby. For this all kind of histological test including triple marker tests etc. were all thoroughly done. Ultrasound of baby was also done very frequently throughout the pregnancy. Although my baby's weight turned out to be normal 2.7 Kg, contrary to ultrasound weight of 2.1 kg done just a day ago, my baby had a peculiar birth mark at her back at lumbar-sacral region of her vertebral coloumn. It had a dimpling with deposition of subcutaneous fat around it and surrounded with a patch of hair. the peadetrician advised us MRI. After MRI, it was detected as a congenital developmental deformity called 'Spina Bifida with diastometamyelia and tethered cord'. Now, she has to undergo a prophylactic surgery for untethering of cord. Since, she is too small right now, the neurosurgeon has recommended surgery when she attains six months of age at least.The cause of this developmental deformity is still not known very clearly. 90% of cases occurs in those who do not have any such parental history of spina bifida. But I have come to know that this can be prevented if the mother starts taking folic acid supplements right from the time she plans of conceiving because the brain and spine is formed in the 1st month itself and by the time a mother comes to know that she is pregnant, the brain and spine is already formed. No one advised me this, so I want to advise all those women aspiring to be a mom, kindly start taking Folic Acid supplements because no matter how much food you eat, Folic Acid can not be compensated by normal diet.

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    Comments (6)
    Siddhi Dholakia24 Jul 2015
    Hi Rishika... congratulations... for being a mom. My good wishes for ur baby.. n for successive surgery. Its true one should take folic acid tablets regulary... and also continue after delivery for 3 more months. Also calcium tablets too.
    Preety Yadav02 Jul 2015
    Very helpful information Rikisha. I had heard about the Folic acid supplement, but was not aware that a lack of knowledge may cause health issue for baby. Thanks for sharing. Let us know about successful operative. Blessings for baby Rudrita!
    Rikisha Bhaumik22 Apr 2015
    Thank you Sithara Panikar!
    Rikisha Bhaumik22 Apr 2015
    Thanks a lot Tilottama for your blessings :)
    Sithara Panikar22 Apr 2015
    Thanks a lot Rishika, its a simple tip but you have explained it an elaborate and effective way. Everything will be fine. Waiting to see your baby get well soon.
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