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    Aarav,  10 Years
    Shlok,  6 Years


    1) First and foremost close your eyes and pray to God before leaving the house..He will make sure you, your family and everyone around your family will have enough patience and love to endure and ignore the kids through the trip..........and inspite of all the planning if anything (most likely most of the things) goes wrong, put it behind you, don’t think about it and....have fun and don’t forget to add your magic to the trip.

    2) Research, organise and plan a lot: Putting in efforts before will lessen a lot of headache later like figure out if the place has any child/kids attraction (Relevant to your kid’s age), talk to the hotel representative and specify your requirements in advance

    3) Talk to the kids: Start mentally preparing your child for the travel. If the child is old enough to understand, explain how long you will take to reach the destination etc. Build up the excitement. If the child is younger, talk to the child still. Do it again and again. I have experimented with different games to mentally prepare my kids for the travel and trust me something or the other always clicks.

    4) Make a masterlist of medicines and carry everything with you for emergencies.

    5) Carry children's medical file (Always!)

    6) Packing :

    - For clothes I follow a simple rule: “Carry double”/atleast 2 pair/each day for my 7 yr old and have modified it to “Carry 3 times” for my 3 year old.

    - Carrying so many extra clothes will result into lots of luggage. Some tricks that I use are: Carry 2-3 common jeans/dark colored bottoms, do not carry inner vests extra (It’s ok if they do not wear them on few days), water wash socks on alternate days and carry less number, and carry similar colored clothes- can be mix-matched with a common bottom.

    - Sort and organise the clothes even in the luggage. I create rows and keep them methodically like Innerwear rows (for all), Night dress for all, Toiletries for all, Light travel wear for all, and good clothes for the trip for all etc.

    - Toiletries bag: I normally carry fresh sealed smaller bottles of anything that can explode like shampoo, creams etc. And along with that I carry a lot of zip pouches for my return journey. All open bottles sealed and packed in them.

    7) Carry a travel bag: It is imperative to carry a handy travel bag. Make a list. Think of everything that you will need during the time you will take to reach your destination and think of an easy way of carrying them like extra clothes, Snacks for each child, Some toys specially favourites. If possible keep a few new toys to keep them interested, Extra diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, cups, glasses, I always keep a roll of garbage bin bags with me , Flashlight, Cotton (If flying, can plug the kid’s ears), Sanitizers, Toiletries pouch, Basic medicine for fever and cream etc for cuts

    8) Brand your kids: If your kid can move on his own, brand him. Put your or spouse's visiting card and if possible details of the journey

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