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    Putting the spark back into a tired marriage

    To most couples post marriage, life happens and they lose track of expressing the love they have for each other, even though at one point in their lives, it was all that consumed them. Time, kids, in-laws, age, work etc. can take a toll on the special connection two people once shared. But all is not lost, as the spark that was once there can be reignited, be it bedtime or throughout the day!
    Things you can do to make your partner feel loved:

    1. Do things together
    Even if it's just one activity you take up every month, try working towards a common goal together. It can be anything- taking up a salsa lesson, joining the gym, learning a new language, or even something as simple as starting to watch a tv show together. You will have something in common to talk about at the dinner table and maybe even come up with an inside joke or two. Another reason to spend time with your beloved!

    2. Be specific about your 'I love you's
    Everyone loves to listen to an 'I love you' from their partner, but after years and years of being together, it can get a little monotonous for both the parties. Instead of expressing your love on autopilot, without giving much thought to it, be a little specific. Tell them why you love them so much. A simple "I love the way you handle the kids" can go a long way in keeping your hubby's confidence boosted and him feeling appreciated.

    3. Flirt
    The best part about any new relationship is the making eyes at each other, smiling, initiating a little healthy competition, laughing at witty comebacks etc. All this makes two people feel alive and sends butterflies through their tummies. But in long term relationships, couples tend to get too comfy with each other, and forget to flirt. Playing a little 'footsie' at the dinner table and competing over the last bite of dessert will not only be fun and unexpected for your partner, it'll tell them that you're genuinely interested in how they react to different situations. In short, you're still interested in getting to know the kind of person they have become.

    4. Act loving even when tired/having a bad day
    Life gets each of us down at times and that's understandable, but make sure you never take your frustrations out on your partner. Your hubby will always remember how you made him feel at any point. You don't have to be super affectionate or even too expressive when you're not feeling it, just something as simple as silently holding his hand while watching tv will speak volumes.

    It's never too late to reignite a love worth fighting for. You can have your own fairytale ending, it just requires a little hardwork! :)

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