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    Aradhya S,  5 Years
    Sashank S,  4 Years

    Make up during pregnancy.

    Pregnancy is always the most beautiful phase of life. irrespective of whether you have nausea or head ache or what ever. It is always good to pamper yourself because you are going to bring in the most beautiful softy cutie bundle in to the world.
    Here I share some of my tips based on my experiences. I have two kids so i can proudly say i am experienced.

    First and foremost beauty is a reflection of mind. so keep your mind free of worries. you dont need your baby to grow with anger vengence or anything. The moment your doctor says you are a mother or you see the postive purple line in your preg test card stop carring for the world. Forget about what your enemy is doing. Forget that you have only Activa when your friend is having a benz etc and etc. Keep yourself cool and enjoy.

    Keep laughing and read nice things. If unfortunately, your family have people who are short temepered are tension party as we say in tamil. avoid them dont unnecesarily talk to them or provoke them. Your magic bundle needs peace and only you can provide it.

    Go for an evending walk. Sit in the park and relax yourself. look at the greenary children playing around the flowers. Keep yourself rejuvenated. For working women at least do this in the weekend else try waking up early in the morning and go for a walk. In fact going for a walk around 6 am is so good. Do the same with your husband at least once a week.

    Read joke books, solve simple quizes, talk to your mother, make friends with other pregnant women and share your experiences. make a journal of every day journey what your kid did how did he kick you etc.

    Eat good and healthy food. If you vomit a lot keep youself hyderated. TAke a lot of rest. Do work which does not stress you. If you think your office job is stressing you take unpaid leave. stress can do lot harm than you think. There is no point regreting latter. explain this to your family members. If you are not stressed then go ahead do it. cheers.

    Now comes the external Beauty,

    During pregnancy it is always wise to check the products if they are safe to use.
    Some creams may have constituents that can diffuse through the skin. So always BEWARE.

    To avoid all this its good to go natural and to use regular kitchen stuff so that we are not in danger.

    We women always carry a moisturiser, a spf cream for sun protection, a scrubber, then a facial cream soap etc etc.
    Surprisingly all this things can be done with combination of few items.

    The ingredients are:

    Carrots : mainly there beta carotene does the job.
    Yogurts: more sour the better clenser
    Turmeric: (in moderation)
    Banana, papaya,besan/multanimatti.
    Sugar: big crystals
    coconut oil

    Carrot as a scrubber:
    Make carrot paste, add sugar and honey to it. Use it as a scrubber and exfoliate your skin. The beta carotene (orange color in carrot) makes your skin very smooth and healthy. If you scrub it well it removes the tan also.
    caution: honey bleaches, so wear a protective hair cover (eyebrows and eye lashes)

    Carrot as a facemask for facial.
    Make carrot paste add papaya or banana or both. add yogurt and turmeric and keep it aside for some time. Then apply the same on your face for half an hour. ( even ten minutes will be fine). Remove it and wash your face.

    Home made moisturiser.:
    Take some coconut oil. heat it very slightly till it is mildly warm. Apply it generously all over the body. Do it over the night and let it stay.
    The honest truth is more it stinks more good the coconut oil is. So let it stay. IF you use it continusly for 2 weeks ( in the nights) you begin to see a smooth supple skin.
    You may also add mild turmeric to the coconut oil and apply to skin.
    The turmeric will be washed the next morning when you take bath. you dont have to worry about the yellowing of the skin.

    Every weekend try to have a full body oil bath. Apply ground nut oil all over the body. Pregnant women do it with care. STay like that for ten minutes. ( non-pregnant women can be with oil for a longer time).

    For the hair use shikaki powder and scrub your hair well.
    For body make the following powder: take some rose petal powder, besan, turmeric, and very slight shikakai powder. Mix them in an bowl and keep it. Instead of soap use it to take bath at the least once in a week. The results are amazing. In some rural places young girls are bathed with this powder and soaps are not used.
    The idea is that oil will absorb all the dirt and dust. Shikakai will scrub the dirt with oil. Rose gives the color, Turmeric removes the hair. Besan helps cleaning. Of course this can be done only if you have time. But trust me if ingridents are ready, sometimes it becomes very easy and it is very addicitive.
    You may try variety by using other sandal powder etc instead of rose.

    Hair care is very tricky during pregnancy. It is safe to use shikakai and bath. Try to avoid having packs or mehnedi on your hair during pregnancy because they may cause problems like cold.

    Enjoy yourself..

    All this worked out with me.
    Some people may be alergic to turmeric so please consider that before trying any of this.

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