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    Ahaana Santosh,  5 Years


    I love to travel. And then, I became a mom and I wanted to introduce my little one too, to the joys of travelling. Now all you mothers out there know how hard it is to travel with your tot in tow. Even a small trip to the neighborhood grocer means careful prepping and packing. Then my friend came into my life.
    Life suddenly became easier after that. She has seen me through thick and thin. Messy poos, diaper mishaps, dirty onesies, sudden sniffles, boohoos and ouchies, hunger pangs- she has seen them alland has been there like a silent but strong presence. Was she always so, you ask? No, she wasn’t. We took our time to strike a rapport. But then, we learnt from our experiences and now here we are. Thanks to her, I am not scared of being stranded on an island or a desert.
    Ok! Enough with the suspense. My friend is – (drumroll please) A diaper bag.
    A sneak peek into my diaper bag
    1. Medicines
    Just the necessary ones, for the impromptu overnighters.

    2. Band-Aids
    It came in quite handy when she was excited about showing off her new found walking/ running skills.

    3. Sanitizer
    Kids are curious by nature and you never know what attracts their attention. Once my daughter came proudly holding a dead lizard that we found on opening our door after a vacation.

    4. Water bottle/sipper
    For all the water and juice. I avoid the water outside, so I ensure that I carry plenty of water.

    5. Feeding bottle and formula dispenser
    Fuss free feeding without the mess. Need I say more?

    6. Change of clothes
    Oh boy! Don’t they know how to create a mess. So this is a necessity. I carry 1 pair, it used to be 2 when she was a baby.

    7. Diapers (3-4)
    I stock up depending on the duration of the journey. 3 to 4 diapers are enough to get you through the day.

    8. Wet wipes
    Yet another necessity that I swear by. This can help you in a variety of sticky situations( no pun intended).

    9. A small tiffin box with snacks
    To power my little tornado up. You never know how long you are going to be stuck in traffic, and you know what happens when hunger strikes. So to avoid such calamities, I carry some munchies.

    10. Toys
    To keep her occupied because, frankly, I cannot keep up with her energy levels.

    11. Diaper changing mat
    To protect her from dirty surfaces and to protect surfaces from getting dirty.

    12. Medical File
    When it’s along distance trip I keep her medical file with me, in case of any emergency.

    13. Hanky
    In case of sniffles and running nose and for wiping those little hands, I carry some soft ones.

    14. Small blanket
    I carry this so that if she chooses to nap off, I can cover her up. (She doesn’t like it though.)

    15. Safety pins
    You never know when you may need one so I carry some child friendly safety pins with me.

    16. Book
    This one’s mine. At times I keep a book to keep me occupied as well.

    Well that sums it all up.Now we are gearing up for yet another long trip! A 10 hour journey to reach the destination, but I’m not worried for I know she’s going to be there for all the adventures and misadventures.

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