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    West Delhi
    Harman,  4 Years

    I feel numb whenever i think of it

    I have seen n heard lot of stories of play school thrrough my friends n families. Moreover have seen a lot of bad expereinces through news chanels as well. From july onwards my son will start his play school, n there are lot of things banging in head, may be m scared or over possessive fr him. Leaving ur child in someone's hand is so difficult, have never ever thought. during my pregnancy days i left my job coz of my health issues, just few months back i thought to change my profile from fashion merchant to play school teachee to experience this life and to make sure m sending my son to right place. My day started with big smiles and innocent cries in very reputed play school.. everything ws just going fine until one child asked fr water.. two teachers n one maid was appointed per class. I asked that maid to give water to that kid,but to my shock she refused while sayg ek ko denge to sare mangege.. rehno do madam.. after 10mins again that child asked fr water n i went to the water despenser n filled one glass n gave to that child.. after drinking water that kid returned that disposable glass to me n i was just about to throw it the other teacher who was there with me in class told me to keep that glass in corner so that we can reuse..! Why on gods name she asked me to save that disposable glass.. y parents r trusting such names n spending so much in these play schools.. I was shocked but still kept quiet.. after 2 hours one lady came in our clasS with casserole in hand, yes., lunch break was about to start.. the other teacher n maid distributed exactly one - one spoon of macroni to every kid in class n then casserole was sent to other classroom.. almost after 5mins kids started asking fr food n maid ran to all classrooms but there was bo more food left. N then the other teacher who was with me in class went to reception n asked fr food, she was upset n it was clearly on her face, she retured empty handed but kids were asking fr food agn n again it was so hurting to witness such exp from reputed play school.! After 10mins a guy came with a plate full of bread jam.. but maid said - ye to do din purane han.. bache bimar ho gae to..? The guy very bluntly said kuch nae hota bhook lage hai to de do.. maid started to distributing the bread. The other teacher told me - ye to roz ka hai..! That moment i felt so painful that it breaked me from top to bottom. If this kind of things happen in known play schools, then how can we send our child here.. that day was one of my worst day of life. I know it happened in one school only, we cannot compare. But trust me it was one of the very reputed play schools. Just because of that day i m not able to decide the perfect school fr my kid. Using disposable glasses again n again can leads to infection to each other. N not providing the sufficient food to kids is so unethical. Yes.! M scared to send my lil one in play school..!

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    Ess Bee06 Jun 2017
    Hey Jazz.... Yes, as a mother you should be concerned about the safety of your child since at this tender age they are very fragile and need a lot of care and attention. The immunity till 5 years of age usually remains low for most of the children so more care and precautions are required.

    My son finished his L.K.G. in March from one of the play schools In Bangalore. Sending him to playschool gave a handful of experience.

    What I suggest is that first of all send him to such a play school where you don't need to keep him whole day which means once he is back at home you can feed him healthy and proper food.
    Most of the playschools have a brunch break around 11 to 11:30 in the morning so you can prepare something at home and send it with him... Make sure that home made food is allowed in the playschool.
    U can also send a water bottle with him as most of the schools ask parents to send water bottles with the kids so that they can have safe and clean water without sharing it with anyone.
    To make sure if your child has eaten properly at school from his tiffin, ask the maid to send the remaining food in the tiffin as it is to ensure about the quantity of the food that your child has consumed.

    Just few tips from my experience. In case you need any help plz don't hesitate to ask.
    Being a mother is the busiest job ever.

    Take care and all the best to the kiddo for the new beginning
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