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    East Delhi 
    Vibhu, 4 Years
    Real Moms. Real Stories

    #YourMagicalBundle Changed my world completely..

    My third strong push and the baby was out, I heard him crying for the first time. “Thank God, my baby came out safely.” I thought in my mind. Next moment I heard nurses and my gyne laughing and asking me, "Shipra, are you not curious about knowing it’s a boy or girl?" And I replied happily, “Doctor it doesn't matter to me at all. I only wished for a healthy baby." Now the pediatrician was talking to me. He said, "Congratulation Ma'am, I'm so happy with baby's health." Immediately I thanked God once again for giving me what I wished for. “Congratulation Shipra, it’s a boy”, said my gyne, the same lady whom my mother was seeing when I was born. She was more than happy because she knew that my mother has two girls only. And after years, a boy was born at my father’s side.

    Leaving me with an attendant for changing, everyone left for celebration in corridor. Vibhu was born at 5.18 PM evening time and I was shifted to my private room at 6 PM around. The room was full of people including my mother and Mr N’s relatives. First time I got a glimpse of my baby who was in my sister in-law’s hand. Without specs I can’t see distant things so in-spite of trying hard, I couldn’t see my baby’s face clearly. I was lying on bed and everyone started getting pics clicked with new born Vibhu. My anxiety and wish to see my baby was increasing with every passing second. But no one cared that first its mother’s right to see and take baby. Lying on the bed, I was only cursing visitors who kept on coming to see new born. Even the nurse attending me once scolded my mother in-law to keep outsiders away from the new born (so that infections can be avoided) but everyone was so happy and they didn’t mind what nurse was saying.

    Finally at 10 PM, when everyone left, I got the chance to see my little soul. I requested Mr N to give me my little baby who was sleeping that time. I took him in my hands and I saw my pinkish darling the very first time. I cried because throughout my life, I saw my mother facing society for not having any boy. And that day because of her good wishes I was blessed with a boy who has my reflection. I had heard people saying that the baby has mother’s face. Looking at my tiny tot, I tried to find myself in him. I kissed his forehead and welcomed him in my life. I promised my baby to give rest of my life for him only. I vowed my son that I’d try to be the best mother of the world for him. With tears in my eyes, I pledged myself to give my son a good life and a bright future. Then I took his hand out of swaddle and saw his fingers. They were like Mr N’s fingers, long and evenly shaped. I told this to Mr N and we both laughed because everyone was saying, “Baby is very lucky, he is exactly like his mother.” We both sailed through those 10 months when Vibhu was inside and how Mr N used to talk to him. Surprisingly unborn Vibhu used to respond to Mr N’s voice through kicks. I was emotional and very happy. I was witnessing the most beautiful moments of my life. When my husband was talking to our new born sleeping baby, when he was making formula feed for our baby with measuring every ml of water and when he was supporting me so that I could have some food. One of my hands had swelling because of drips so I was using other hand only. Mr N kept on talking to Vibhu about whole family and at the same time he was putting biscuits in my mouth. The baby just came into the world but my world had suddenly changed. We both, husband-wife, never discussed how we’d care our baby but Mr N was all set to do everything for our adorable new born.

    I still cherish those few minutes when I first saw my little one, whenever I scroll through old pics. Those were really best hours of my life and I’m so grateful to God for giving me a healthy, active, jolly baby and a very supportive husband.

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