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    Samhitha, 7 Years
    Real Moms. Real Stories


    As I Tread Past The Memory Lane
    > 2015 II---------->>Rewind>> --------->Play>

    I was thinking of my School days today, how fast the once present is now a past. Those were the moments of colors bold when amma would whisk me away from bed to get me set for a every new day in school, with huge sack on my back waiting for the School Van to pick me, the morning assembly in school seeking the blessings of the almighty and as I sang in chorus “Guru Brahma Guru Vishno Gurur Devo Maheshwara….. “ As I dashed to the class soon after the morning assembly just to escape the eyes of the PT Master ready to catch his prey for unpolished shoes. Appa’s time to polish the shoe in the morning were all in vain as they bore traces leg fights I had with the bunch of kids in the School Van.

    As I sat in the class learning English, solving the profit and loss problems, trying to understand the difference between a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse, the umbra and the penumbra, always wondering how Deccan plateau and Peninsular India made sense? Waiting eagerly for the Physical Education training to stay fit and do some warm ups.

    Free periods due to teachers absence compensated time to catch up with the friends of mine and chit chat on latest crushes the girls had and have most important discussion of the day “what makes Aamir look so adorable in Joo Jeetha Wohi Sikkandar”?.

    As the Art and Craft sessions approached I always wondered why girls should do all the stitching while boys happily escaped with reading those books and comics in the library. While I turned green with the “J” attitude and softer side of me yearning to set hands on those Nancy Drews , Hardy Boys, Tintin and Astrix while the boys enjoyed the break from monotony . How thankful I was on that day when the school announced that I could make a choice between Arts & Craft and Computer Science. How happy I was to be relived of the stitching and knitting business which other girls were glad and keen to work on!

    With day ending with the last assembly as I sang in chorus the National Anthem “ Jana Gana Mana…..” reminding that patriotic vibes were pretty evident in me with all the goose bumps bursting on my skin as I ended the anthem with Jai Hind!

    Rushing out from the school gates and forming groups to catch up the missed gossips, buying those ice candies and pineapple coated with Chilli powder and salt, and the taste of raw mangoes in the drizzle are now a thing of past.

    As I sit to write this post, I am tinted with the memories gushing at the same time on all the things I once did as kid , a little girl… those were the days of fun and frolic time has passed by leaps and bounds memories remain etched forever……….

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