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    Maitreya, 10 Years
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    These things always work when my children throw a tantrum!

    Tantrums! Phew! I believe this is a point where a mom loses her battle quite often. If I consider my parenting age which is comprised of the age of two children then its 15 years. Now I realized how I can proudly brag this number on my CV. Ha! But I must say handling tantrums are new age challenge and there is absolutely no escape for anyone. You might be winning and breaking record all round the world but the tendency to surrender in front of your toddler is all time high!

    This seems to be funny and maybe these memories which you will cherish later in your life. Live examples could be: Going flat on the floor, making faces, the mysterious anger look and unlimited threats from the younger ones.
    Alas, I could make a video of all tantrums which my children throw in and out and probably will show them one day when they themselves enjoy watching it.

    Well, for those who firmly believe in Zodiac signs and related similar behavioral patterns here I proudly debunk those facts with examples. Both of my children are same day born but not alike. Just opposite in every manner! One is north zone so another one is south.

    I remember my elder one never had any tantrum and people used to congratulate me quite often for her behavior. She was very silent and less demanding child, still, she is. She was one of those who loves even their own company. You just hand over one book and can carefree for hours. But to my dismay, my younger one compensated it fully!

    Since the day she learned how to express till today I am still facing her daily dose of tantrums.
    “I want to watch cartoon else I will do this”
    “I want to eat ice cream else I will watch TV”
    “I will do homework only if you will take me out”
    Errrr, These “conditions applied” syndrome is getting better day by day with more exposure to new words.

    Afterall, I am Mom and once I decide that I will not surrender to her then there is no stopping.
    With the period of time, I realized the frequency of tantrums will always go high if you heed those. The moment you ignore and start behaving like a normal person they will also come down.
    Sometimes, tantrums are thrown to have special attention towards them. I know how many times I surrendered just to save my self-respect in front of others. Yes, there was the time when times when she rolled over unlimited times and shouted high to her spirits just to meet her demand.

    I think it's rather difficult to make a child understand when they are too young. Gradually, with the patience, you can surely make a difference.
    I’ve managed little with her priorities till she turned three. After 3 years of age, children can reciprocate in a better way. They get a better understanding with the growing age.
    Even now she throws fewer tantrums and very much convinced that Mom will not surrender in anyways:

    Things which worked for me might not work for others but still, you never know:

    Whenever she argued to watch TV, I gave her limited time like only for 30 minutes and then she need to switch it off. She was happy to implement this!
    When I take her for shopping, I take a promise from her that she will not cry for unwanted things and will not throw any tantrums.
    A NO means COMPLETELY NO and it will not turn to” Yes” how much you throw tantrums or please us in front of others.
    I have justified the reasons for not buying everything she wants. There is always a difference between Need and Want. Like one pencil and rubber can be a need but not ten pencils at a time.

    I know every child is different but this worked for me, maybe few for you too!

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