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    #LoveThyMIL -- New Beginning New friend for life

    For a girl in her early 20’s the thought of celebrating any festival especially Diwali inadvertently meant spending the day with her family and eating the yummy delicacies made by her mom. It meant making rangoli, decorating the house and getting dressed up. Then one day all of a sudden things change, she is married, she has a new name, a new family and a new fear “Sasural”.

    If we had the power of making changes in dictionary I am sure all married Indian women would have added the new synonym for jail as “Sasural”. Sasural the place I dreaded since the day I got married and soon it was time for me to face my greatest fears. It was like appearing for the most important exam of my life, and I had to not only pass the exam but had to pass it with distinction, coz anything less than that was worth nothing. And like any other important exam of life I had been preparing for this one too well in advance. Right from buying the perfect gift for each one, to learning the art of making the perfect round rotis and to wearing a sari. I had been doing it all. I must have rehearsed each and every thing and imaged my days there a zillion times. But still the fear of what lied ahead and the feeling of not being able to see my family for the first time on diwali made me sad and nervous. The memories of childhood and what we used to do on Diwali flooded my mind and tears filled my eyes. I was feeling like a small child who has to leave the care and love of her mother and had to go to school for the first time, who doesn’t know what lies behind those closed doors.

    But soon it was too be revealed. I still remember it was a bright sunny day, the weather was just perfect, I was looking beautiful in a brand new blood red churidar (alright alright I surely looked pretty if not beautiful) and there I was face to face with my greatest fear my “Sasural”. A sparkling clean house which still smelled of fresh paint and a beautiful rangoli made by my sister in law welcomed us. My heart which was running faster than Usain Bolt was slowed down by the assuring embrace of my loving husband.

    And then the door opened and suddenly my senses were filled with the lovely aroma coming from the kitchen, the beautifully decorated house and the refreshing laughter coming from all corners of the house. Yes finally I was in my Sasural the place I have been dreading all this while , the place I have been imagining to be nothing less than a jail. Loving embrace, welcoming smile, loads of blessing clubbed with the happy atmosphere of the house made all my fears and uncertainly vanish. My heart was filled with warmth and I was assured of the love and protection I am going to get for the rest of my life.

    This was the day when the lifelong bonding between me and my "Maa -- In Law"started. This day laid the foundation of a mother daughter relationship. Yes we have had our share of differences but which relationship doesn’t. I love and respect my mother in law as I love my mom and I fight and argue with her as I do with my mom. She loves me as a daughter and also scolds me as her own daughter. I am eternally grateful to God to bless me with such a beautiful “Maa -- In Law”.

    You are the other mother I received,
    The day I wed your son,
    And I want to thank you mom for the loving things you have done.
    You’ve have given me a gracious man,
    With whom I share my life,
    You are his lovely mother and I his lucky wife.
    You used to pat his little head.
    And now I hold his hand
    You raised in love a little boy,
    And then gave me the man.

    Dedicated to the most beautiful place on earth my “Sasural” ---Love you all

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    Comments (1)
    Shilpi Shukla26 Jun 2018
    very very nice,, loved the poem.. apt for every daughter-in-law
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