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    West Delhi 
    Peaches, 4 Years
    Poppins , 8 Months
    Peaches , 4 Years
    Poppins , 8 Months
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    #BestDadEver The best hands-on dad

    New mothers need to be cared for. Traditionally, this role was filled by grandmothers, sisters and friends. I stay in a house where everyone is working and my mom and sister also live far far away. Post-delivery, my husband was the only one to take care of me.

    Recovering from childbirth and getting used to being a mother was a really big deal, both physically and emotionally for me.

    My husband usually doesn't talk much. After delivery, there was a lot on my mind. I had to quit my job as there was no one else to take care of my baby at home. I felt stressed and irritated at all times. Then one fine day, a miracle took place. My husband started communicating. We talked about my needs. Sometimes he will simply figure out what I wanted.

    He did his share. If the baby cried at night, he would let me sleep and would comfort the child himself. He would bathe the child.

    Most dads love their little bundle of joy, but for some reason, we moms need constant reminder of that. I never even asked my husband once to hold the little one. He did it on his own. It built confidence in me seeing him embrace being a dad.

    He does these small things that simply take my breath away. He helps me build my confidence in my new role as a mother. He gives me reassurance that we are in this together, and he will be by my side, no matter what.

    He motivates and showers me with compliments. He assures me that I am doing a great job. When we have issues or we face any difficult situation in parenting, he talks it out with his lady colleagues in similar situations and finds out how they tackled it. Sometimes he goes through similar articles on the internet and lets me know the solution.

    Basic things that he does like burping the baby, changing diapers, bathing, holding and comforting our crying baby show that i can count on him when the occasion comes.

    When the baby’s sleeping, he encourages me to do the same and if work is pending, pitches in with chores as much as possible.

    On his week offs, he offers to do a night shift. He lets me have my beauty sleep through the full night.

    He understands that helping me out with the baby is called parenting and not babysitting! He is a parent too.

    The sweetest thing that he does is that sometimes he makes tea and breakfast in the morning. Oh, i love those scrambled eggs. He makes sure that i am eating three good meals and 2 glasses of milk a day which i often overlook with Peachi.

    He lets me de-brief about the labour and birth as many times as necessary, without getting annoyed. Trust me, he is a good listener. He lets me cry and ventilate my feelings without trying to ‘fix’ me.

    None of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit anymore. He took me for a shopping spree and bought new outfits and assured that this phase will soon be over and I will be back to my original shape with some dedication and hard work.

    On his week offs, he takes the baby out for an hour so that I can have time for myself.

    It takes a great guy to step up and dig in during those first few months. But a guy who says “I’ll be home early, I’m bringing dinner and I want to take the baby for a walk as soon as I get home”, now that’s my man and a dad in true sense.

    Being a hands-on dad who shares the work of parenting is actually one of the best kinds of maintenance for his relationship with me. Thanks for being you.

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