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    Health mix or porridge that is for people of all age.  In this fast fast world we are all tempted by burgers
    Mommy Chef
    Sattu for Babies
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    Sudharsana V iyengar
    I am from Bengaluru, India.
    Category Baby Food, Appetizer, Brunch, Drinks & Beverages
    Preparation Time 5 hrs
    Cooking Time 10-20 min
    Serves 1
    Age 1+ yrs
    26 October 2015

    Sattu for Babies

    1 min read
    11.6K engaged
    Health mix or porridge that is for people of all age. In this fast fast world we are all tempted by burgers, nachos etc. We dont even realise that some of them dont full the complete nutritional requirement. Ancients world was not this fast and making nutritious food was everybody's ball game. Today with women also working, everybody's health is compromised. Hence we need to do something so that our lives are still in our control. This porridge can be taken by people of all ages.



    • Ragi 1-3/4 kilo
    • Wheat 1/4 kilo
    • Moong Dhal 1 kilo
    • Ground Nut 1/2 kilo
    • Idly rice ( old rice or red rice ) 1 kilo
    • Roasted Gram 1/2 kilo
    • Soya bean 1/2 kilo
    • Optional
    • Cashewnut 100 grams
    • Badam 100 grams
    • Sabu dhana 200 grams
    • Seasoning ( depends on what you make )
    • Salt
    • Sugar
    • Cardamon
    • clove
    • garlic
    • ginger
    • pepper
    • cumin ( jeera)
    • jaggery
    • cocnut milk
    • milk
    • oregano
    • Kasuri methi
    • turmeric
    • chilley
    • corriender
    • Paprika
    • Soya sauce
    • small onions
    • Chocolate
    • fruits
    • crushed dry fruits
    • butter milk ( dilute curd)

    Nutritional Info

    soya bean moong dhal roasted gram heavy in proteins Wheat rice heavy in carbs Ground nut cahsew nut heavy in carbs, protein and fat ragi iron and carbs badam iron


    Preparation of the powder.
    • 1Soak Ragi in water for 1 or 2 days ( depends on where you are ) till they sprout. Let it dry in the sun after sprouting. If you don't have time you can use plain ragi with out sprouting.
    • 2Take the other ingredients such as ground nut, roasted gram, wheat, soya bean, moong daal, idly rice and dry them in sun for 3 or 4 hours. ( This removes small insects if any).
    • 3. Roast all the above in a kadai in low flame. (This will consume the maximum time)
    • 4 When you roast Ragi (un-sprouted) it pops like pop corn, sprouted Ragi will slowly shrink in size, Ground nut skin starts to separate from the nut, Wheat starts to give a pleasant smell, rice becomes puffed and white in color. Soya bean would become more crispier, Roasted gram will slightly become dark in color. Moong daal also becomes crispier. See to that you don't burn any of them.
    • 5Allow the dried items to cool and add the optional ingredients to it. Grind them into a fine powder at a flour mill.
    • 6This is to be stored in an air tight container for future use.
    To make the porridge.
    • 7The consistency of the porridge depends on the ratio of water to the powder. This comes out of practice. Usually for 2 spoons of powder in 150 ml of liquid will make good consistency. You may vary it if you want it thicker or lighter.
    • 8Flavor as per needs.
    Basic porridge
    • 9Take the powder in water/Milk and warm it in the gas stove till it boils . While boiling keep stiring it so that there are no balls or clumps. You may add salt or sugar to taste depending upon your interest.
    As a sweet - Recipe 1
    • 10Add a pinch of cardamon powder and extra dose of sugar to the powder and milk combination. Since there is a lot of sugar make sure that it doesnt caramalise.
    As a sweet - Recipe 2
    • 11Instead of using milk, you may use coconut milk and jaggery along with pinch of cardamon powder, this will give you a different taste. This is more nutritions than the previous combination as jaggery contains more iron.
    As a salty/spicy savory
    • 12Instead of adding sugar you may add salt, little bit of turmeric, little bit kasuri methi and make the porridge.
    • 13Make this porridge in water. (Use half the quantity of water because we need to add butter milk at end) In a kadai take some oil, add mustard seeds asfoetiada curry leaves and heat the contents, whenthe mustrad seeds pop add the contents to the porridge. Add butter milk and crushed corriander. Add salt to taste. Mix the porridge well and serve.
    • 14Grind some amount of pepper and jeera in mixie and add it to the porridge made of water and the powder. Allow it to boil. Add salt to taste. Add butter milk/curd as per your requirement.
    • 15Make ginger garlic and green chilley paste as per your taste requirments. Add it in the water powder combination and keep stirring till it boils. Add salt to your taste.
    • 16Add paprika little bit of soya sauce and oregano seeds to the porridge powder add water to the same and warm it in a gas stove. Allow it to boil and add salt to taste.
    • 17Make a tomato puree and add pepper and jeera powder to it. In this mixture add the powder and water and still it as it boils add salt to taste.
    • 18Take some shallots, cut them into small pieces, fry it along with green chilis in oil. Add some spring onion leaves to the same. Make the porridge seperately in water and keep it ready. Add these shallots to the combination and mix them well. Add salt to taste as again.
    As a dessert
    • 19Take the powder and add milk to it. Keep it in a stove and keep stiring it till it starts to boil (take care as doing in milk directly burns the contents). Keep adding sugar and stir it. Don't let the sugar caramalise. Melt a chocolate in a cup which is inside a boiling water. Add the molten chocolate in to the contents. and serve. (the choice of the amount of chocolates is purely a personal choice. I usually add more because I like chocolates. You may even add a little if you just want it to smell like chocolate) If you dont have chocolate you can use cocoa powder. The same can be tried with vanilla esscence, rose essence. refrigerate it and serve. Since you are adding milk you may have to check if essence can be added directly to milk.
    • 20Make the porridge using milk sugar cardamon and powder. Allow it to cool. After when it has cooled take the fruit of your choice, you may cut it or grind it and add it to the porrodge. Try this with banana, mango, sapota, avocado, apple, or with all of this. Banana and chocolate go well so you can that combination also. and add crushed dry fruits too.

    As a health suppliment
    • 21Take this powder and fry it in ghee in a kadai for some time. After when it is completly fried add jaggery and make it into balls. This will require a lot of ghee if you can't use ghee then you can use ground nut oil also. These balls can be eaten and is highly nutritious. This is also called Sattu mavvu in tamil. 
    • 22Keep stiring the contents so that solid clumps don't form.
    • 23Always cook on a low flame, this powder is heavy in proteins and henche chance of burning is high.
    • 24Soya bean is allergic to some use it with caution.
    • 25You can use this powder to thicken the soups also.
    • 26You need to do this 2 to 3 times to master the same. Since it can be confusing.
    • 27You may keep trying new new flavours from various cuisines using this base powder. The different tastes and flavours will make you feel that as if you are eating something new. However the fact is we are making the same porridge in different ways.
    • 28Since it is heavy in proteins, it may not be suitable for people having kidney problems. So you may ask your doctors before giving it to elders.
    • 29Since it's in porridge form, old people who don't have teeth can also enjoy different flavours.
    • 30This can be given to children as young as 8 months. But keep the spices down for children.
    • 31The credit to the basic combination in the powder goes to my paediatrician Dr Nagabhushan. Me and my mother modified it so it can be suited to everyone of all age.


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