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    #MagicInTheAir Orange yogurt mousse
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    Payal Bahedia
    I am from Bundi, India.
    Category Desserts
    Preparation Time 30 min
    Cooking Time 30 minutes
    Serves 8
    Age All
    08 December 2015

    #MagicInTheAir Orange yogurt mousse

    1 min read
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    This orange flavored mousse is light, creamy and fluffy. Orange flavor is infused into the mousse by using orange juice, zest and marmalade. The crust is made with crushed ginger snaps spiced with a pinch of cayenne pepper. The mousse is served with an orange-dark chocolate sauce.



    • For crust
    • ¼ tea spoon cayenne pepper
    • 200 gm ginger snaps
    • 2 tablespoon unsalted butter (softened)
    • For mousse layer
    • ¾ cup greek yogurt
    • ¾ cup heavy whipping cream (chilled)
    • 1 cup fresh orange juice
    • 2 tablespoon orange zest
    • ½ cup orange marmalade
    • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar
    • 3 teaspoon agar agar powder
    • For sauce
    • ½ cup heavy whipping cream
    • 1 teaspoon orange zest
    • 1 tablespoon orange marmalade
    • 1/3 cup bittersweet chocolate chips
    • A pinch of sea salt


    • 1For crust
    • 2Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • 3Add ginger snaps, unsalted butter and cayenne pepper in a food processor. Pulse for 20 seconds mix and pulse for 15 seconds.
    • 4Line a 6×6 pyrex glass bowl with parchment paper. Place the ginger snaps mixture onto the lined bowl. You can use a similar sized pan or individual molds as well.
    • 5Place the bowl in a preheated oven and bake for 8 minutes on the middle rack. Take it out of the oven and let it cool down.
    • 6For Mousse layer
    • 7Whisk the yogurt, add the orange marmalade and mix well. The mixture will be smooth.
    • 8Whip the heavy cream in a bowl by using an electric mixture or a whisk until peaks form.
    • 9Add powdered sugar to the orange zest and let it rest for 5 minutes. Add the zest to the yogurt mixture and mix well.
    • 10Boil the orange juice and reduce it by half. Add agar agar powder to the juice and mix, simmer for 5 minutes for the agar agar powder to completely dissolve in the juice. Let the mixture cool down but make sure it doesn’t start to solidify.
    • 11Add the agar agar powder-orange juice mixture to the yogurt mixture and mix well.
    • 12Lightly fold in the yogurt mixture into the whipped cream with a spatula.
    • 13Pour the mousse mixture over the cooled ginger snaps layer and place it in refrigerator for at least 4 hours.
    • 14For Sauce
    • 15Pour the heavy cream into a saucepan and bring to boil. Reduce heat, add orange zest and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let it steep for 20 minutes. Add orange marmalade.
    • 16Take the bittersweet chocolate chips in glass bowl.
    • 17After 20 minutes bring the cream mixture to boil over medium heat and then remove from heat.
    • 18Add the cream mixture slowly to the bittersweet chocolate chips and whisk, until the chocolate is completely melted. Mix in the sea salt.
    • 19To serve, cut a slice of the chilled orange-yogurt mousse, drizzle the orange flavor infused dark chocolate sauce over the slice of mousse. Garnish with orange slice and mint leaf.


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