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    Your Trying To Conceive Checklist
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    Pranita Sohony
    Guest Contributor, 
    I am from Hyderabad , India. I'm a Mom to a rambunctious toddler, a 'Mumma' blogger and a passionate writer by heart. Spirituality is my life's anchor and my prime interest resides in penning down my motherhood as beautifully as I can! On a typical day, you would find me busy being a full-time Mom and a part-time human!
    26 February 2015

    Your Trying To Conceive Checklist

    4 mins read
    Pre-Pregnancy Health
    for Planning
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    Trying-To-Conceive? Here's what you need to take care of .... The TTC (trying-to-conceive) phase in a woman’s life seems to be never-ending. We hate to see Aunt Flo every month and not find that double line on the test. We are definitely in a mad hurry to get pregnant and quit living the TTC phase!


    However, if you are trying your luck hard and still not getting through, seeing the silver lining on the cloud can always help you get through smoothly. You could actually look at it like some magical grace period given to you by the ‘God of Pregnancy’ to better your health and better equip yourself before you get pregnant.  

    Here’s what you can do in your TTC phase to prepare yourself in all respects for the pregnancy and the baby to come:

    1. F for Folic Acid: Since the day you even think of starting trying for a baby, start having folic acid tablets. It will not do you any bad if you don’t get pregnant, but if you do get through in the first month of trying, trust me, you won’t stop thanking me!

    2. Extra Exercise: For sure, like most mothers out there, you might not have ever been on a routine exercise schedule in your life before this. This is the best time to get down to doing some Yoga, walking, cycling or swimming and trying to keep yourself fit (even if you consider yourself already fit).

    3. Dear Discipline: Pull up your socks Mommies-to-be and get into a fixed routine and make discipline your dearest friend. If you don’t do it now, your baby will make you do it later for sure and you don’t want to see yourself cribbing for no reason. The sooner you get disciplined, the easier life will be for you - a few months down the line.

    4. Your Chemistry with Calcium and Iron: You need to literally fall in love with calcium and iron. I am not advising you to eat tablets for these but I would definitely try to advise you to literally binge on their natural resources to boost up your calcium and iron levels. Make yourself a milk tank and eat loads of dates, pomegranates, spinach - after all you never know what your baby will allow you to eat once he occupies your womb.

    5. Watch your Weight: Are you too skinny or far from that? Whatever your weight, you need to get it to the right mark. Check with your doctor what should be your ideal weight (depending upon your height, age and gender) and strive to achieve it.

    6. Burst the B.P. Balloon: Are your B.P. levels dangerously low or high? Neither are good for a pregnant lady. Drink loads of liquids if you are running low and avoid the morning kick of coffee and tea if your levels are already high. For more, check with your gynaecologist.

    7. Doctor! Doctor! Where are you?: You don’t want to be running from pillar to post looking for a gynaecologist after getting those two lines on your pregnancy test. Fix up on a doctor in mind, meet her and update her about your efforts and progress regarding baby making and swear by her word with all the faith in the world. This will help you in the long run (throughout your pregnancy).

    8. Keep Calm and Try to Conceive: Do not get hyper trying to conceive. It is for sure like a galloping horse that keeps on going, but doesn’t take you anywhere. So, calm down, meditate, take a deep breath and wait with love and not impatience for your baby.


    Having had a pregnancy that was planned, I had these points to share. For all you moms reading this, do let me know your points from the checklist, so that TTC ladies can benefit even more from it.

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