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    Would I Be Able To Give Equal Time To My Second Child?
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    Alpana Deo
    I am from Houston, India. Hello All, Welcome to my profile page. I am a management graduate turned into a blogger-writer-editor and founder of I am a freelance writer and also NRI Contributor and Citizen Journalist for Times Of India. Mothers Gurukul was started 3 years ago with an intention of sharing my ideas and thoughts on various parenting topics along with many other categories like Craft, Recipes, Guest Post etc. I hope you will like my website and my writing. I am happy to join WOM platform. Looking forward to make many new friends!!
    18 May 2016

    Would I Be Able To Give Equal Time To My Second Child?

    3 mins read
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    Along with happiness and joy, there are many other things that motherhood brings to us. One of the foremost factors is the emotional roller-coaster you experience at regular intervals. With tons of questions running through the mind, one question that puts every expectant mom in an uncomfortable state on and off is whether she would be able to give equal attention and time to her second child - just as she had given to her first one.


    The minute your doctor confirms that you are pregnant, you are thrilled. If you are a second time mom then once again that mommy-to-be feeling of happiness and pride surrounds you. But would you be able to give your second child the same kind of time? This is a natural concern that most second-time moms share.

    The only reason I can think for this state is with your first one, s(he) is the center of attention. But with the second one, the first child is also there who needs even more attention.

    Now, when my second baby is on the way, I can tell you that I have also experienced this fear once (in the beginning of my pregnancy journey). But later, just by thinking and going over my past years with my daughter, I was calm. So, let me share that with you too.

    I know how to set my routine: I understand that in this time span of having your second baby, many things have changed in terms of your priorities, your work, your routine and now again going back to that mommy-baby-bonding time (with your second one), things might look little challenging. But being an experienced mom, you know what schedule works best for you. You know how to plan your day.

    We three are going to be a team: Your older kiddo will understand the importance and fun of doing things together. Think of it this way that you have an added member in your team.

    There is no written mantra for bringing up your second child: I always keep reminding myself of these words. Whatever works best for you and your child - that is your own mantra. You will be creating a special bond with your second one. That comes naturally to every mom.

    I am enjoying this very moment: Why get into unnecessary worries when you have many other things to enjoy? Enjoy the beautiful journey of pregnancy. Always remember that you are nurturing a new life inside you and going to bring that new life into this world. Isn't that beautiful?

    Ignore what others say: You might hear from other experienced second time moms sharing their experiences that how challenging it gets when you have two kids and your life is a juggling act. Agreed. Things will be different. But can you change it now? They would have said the same when you became pregnant with your first one. You know what to take and what to leave.

    I will be following the same trend to find some time: I firmly believe in Me-time and this is my permanent and the most important point whenever I write any mommy post. When you are relaxed, things go smoothly. Out of your entire day, keep some time only for yourself. It works like magic. I did it with my first one and I will be doing it with my second one too.

    I will try not to be judgmental: When I was bringing up my first one, everything was new to me. So, now when I have that experience in hand, I will try not to be hard on myself if things don't go the way I planned. We all know our inner self.

    These are few of the things that I have promised to myself. If you are also expecting your second child then what have you decided for yourself?

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