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    What Do We Really Do All Day? Here Is What Every Stay-At-Home Mom Wants To Tell You
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    Vaishali Sharma
    WOM Contributing Editor, 
    I am from Gurgaon, India. I am a communication consultant presently on a sabbatical. At the moment, I am enjoying my life as a mommy blogger. Through the blog-, I get to share my personal motherhood experiences and joys along with a lot of childhood-development and parenting related information. Expecting and new parents are always on a look-out for answers to a million questions related to pregnancy, baby care and parenthood and in order to simplify their lives, TCT has been created as platform that offers tips and tricks on all that and more. You can find us on: Twitter: @thechampatree Google+: +ThechampatreeIngarden Instagram: @Thechampatree Pinterest:
    23 February 2015

    What Do We Really Do All Day? Here Is What Every Stay-At-Home Mom Wants To Tell You

    2 mins read
    for Moms
    34.1K engaged
    Presenting to you 13 overwhelming (read: awesome) and 100 % real facts about a Stay-At-Home Mom's life.


    I am a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and it is quite a stunning job. For starters, I get to stay at home and enjoy my sleep all day long. I get to wake up at my own time. I do nothing all day and still get paid for in kind. The icing on the cake is the fact that I don’t have a boss!


    I would not like to keep you in dark at all. My dear expecting mums, pretty young ladies who do plan to get pregnant at some point and lovely Mother-In-Laws, here is sneak preview of a Stay-At-Home-Mom’s life.


    You know you are a Stay-At-Home Mom when...

    • Your morning cup of tea gets heated at least twice before it is gulped down, COLD!
    • You get to finish your child’s leftover meals and that’s all you manage to eat throughout the day (and a bit of snacking here and there)
    • You keep the house dust free with the ‘multi-purpose’ pack of wet-wipes (i.e. baby wet-wipes)
    • Stepping out means either going for your child’s routine check-ups OR a much-needed grocery shopping trip (that doubles as your break!)
    • Bathing on time is a luxury and a mid-day nap is a dream!
    • The best news for the day is that your child ate all that he was supposed to
    • When your husband is back from work, you (secretly) look for ways to take bathroom breaks so that you get some peaceful time for yourself
    • You smell of milk, baby poop, baby burps and everything else that has to do with the baby
    • You socialize with your friends over Whatsapp and Facebook.
    • Wearing ‘something nice’ means getting into a pair of fresh, stain-free pyjamas
    • A night-out means watching a late night movie in your living room
    • You sing rhymes and lullabies for the sake of family entertainment
    • Your life revolves around making meals, feeding your child (that goes on for hours) and in between all that - you try to do some laundry, clear the kitchen sink and put the baby to sleep. All this is on REPEAT mode!

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    Comments (35)

    profile pic
    Hahaha very true
    profile pic
    Drkalyani Kachave chahuan
    Totally agree
    profile pic
    Shweta Mahendraker
    Exactly ????????
    profile pic
    Nailed it!
    profile pic
    Yup..I think every mum doing same..Me too n I love to do all this work for my lill 5month princess????
    profile pic
    Archana Sharma
    totally agree with this.., exactly same routine with my little bundle of joy my 9 month old son and my three year princess....
    profile pic
    Shailaja Buvaneswari
    Wow... very true.....I'm redoing things now with my second kid...
    profile pic
    Deepa Janakiram
    Exactly the same happens everyday...
    profile pic
    Kavitha Sudhir
    Ohh God.. kind of just crossed did stage... did happens most of d time when kids are toddlers.. as dey grow up n go to schools again new routine...
    profile pic
    Archana Dhongadi
    Nailed it exactly... believe me I don't even dare to leave my baby n go to bathroom...
    profile pic
    Nithya Jayaprakash
    truly said
    profile pic
    Kamal Ashar Sampat
    Very True
    profile pic
    Dimple Thakur
    Absolutely right !!
    profile pic
    Neelam Jhala
    Totally agree! Goin thru d same..! Sleepin thruout d night is also a Dream dis dys..! Exhausted and impatient smtyms!
    profile pic
    Aarushi Sundriyal
    I used to think it's only with me
    profile pic
    Maleega Thogit
    Very true, sailing on d same boat....
    profile pic
    Kratika Sharma
    profile pic
    Mani Narayana
    loved this! Go on...
    profile pic
    Mukta Jain
    Omg ! This is so true and everyone who says Stay at home mom does nothings should read this to get a sneak peak.
    profile pic
    Pooja Singh
    Absolutely true, Vaishali
    profile pic
    Sudha Praveen Goparapu
    Very True. All moms have same experience.
    profile pic
    Gnanambigai Sukumar
    Hi. It's true. Even I am working I accept this since My sister facing this. Punch from me also
    profile pic
    Subha Rakesh
    profile pic
    Debasmita Debnath
    So true... And after all this routine, the best thing happens when you hear this question at the end of the day - "Saara din karti kya ho ghar pe???"
    profile pic
    Richa Dhami
    Same pinch . . cheers to MOM's :P
    profile pic
    Rinku Prasad
    Satya vachan.. here's more power to you gal!! :)
    profile pic
    Anubhuti Mehn
    To add on ...instead of humming songs in the kitchen are humming rhymes ... lol ..
    profile pic
    Sountharya Suresh
    It s true.. well said
    profile pic
    Swagata Mitra
    Oh i just love it!!! I believe we all feel the same pinch.. and you have nicely penned it down!!
    profile pic
    Pranita Sohony
    So well put! Superb! I can relate to every bit of it!
    profile pic
    Bindya Keswani
    Good one ! N so true :)
    profile pic
    Deepika Dhiria
    Indeed a SAHM's life is toughest but ur description of it is just superb..except that u called MILs as 'lovely' :P
    profile pic
    Tilottama Chatterjee
    Loved this!! Keep writing!!
    profile pic
    Sravanthi Emani
    It was fun (and scary) reading your article. Wish you get one of those luxury moments soon today :)
    profile pic
    Pallavi Sharma
    Great read...:)
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