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    This Is Why I Miss My Mom So Much After Getting Married
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    Yaamini Radhakrishnan
    I am from Bengaluru, India. I am a freelance writer with 4 years of experience based in Bangalore, i enjoy writing on various niches like parenting, health, nutrition, fashion, beauty and travel. Reading and writing has always been my passion and i enjoy doing it in my free time. I love to read, research and write about my experience
    missing mom after marriage
    25 August 2016

    This Is Why I Miss My Mom So Much After Getting Married

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    I have been married for one and a half years now and my life is that of any normal average Indian woman. Mine was a love marriage plus an inter-caste one from 2 states. So it was a typical movie story from the beginning till the end.


    The experience of marriage has been beautiful and I have a lovely husband who is an absolute sweetheart. We get along well, he takes good care of me and I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

    Even though I am extremely happy with my current life, there is one corner of my heart that deeply misses something. My heart misses the most integral part of my life and that is my mother.

    Following are some of the reasons why I miss my mom so much after getting married:

    1} I need to wake up on my own

    During those unmarried days, I always had my mom waking me up with a hot cup of bed tea or coffee. She would have my breakfast ready before I left for college or office. She took care of every necessity of mine without having to ask for anything. However, after marriage one of us needs to wake up every morning by ourselves and make tea or breakfast. The feeling of having someone to take care of you unconditionally is missing.

    2} Cleaning up my own mess

    My room and cupboard have always been a mess, but I found it always cleaned up and tidied by my mom when I returned home from college or work. Today, after marriage when I open my cupboard or have a look at my house I find it waiting for me to clean it up. There is no one to clean up my mess with so much love.


    3} No one to overfeed me

    My mom making every attempt to overfeed me - this is what I miss the most. Before marriage, I cribbed about my mom trying to overfeed me at every meal. But now, I miss the love and affection she showered on me every time she tried to feed me. How times change!

    4} Watching TV with her

    Before marriage, we spent hours together watching serials and movies on TV. Today, when I watch TV I recollect all the lovely memories spent with her watching those favourite TV shows. Every time I discuss with her on the phone, tears roll out of my eyes missing those wonderful moments with her.

    5} There is no one to decide on the clothes I wear

    Before marriage, my mom decided the clothes and jewellery I wore for every occasion. She made sure I looked beautiful on every occasion. Today, when I need to pick the clothes on my own, I miss all the attention and love she showered on me.

    The journey from being mummy’s little girl to a grown up married woman was an inevitable decision to take. Although I am extremely happy with my married life and husband, I would just like to say, that no one can replace my mother. I will always remain incomplete without her. A part of me is with her always!

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