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    This is What I Did to Get Back in Shape After My Delivery
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    Tanya Munshi
    I am from Mumbai, India. I don many hats right from being a mother, a lifestyle features writer, a certified Parent-Child Play Practitioner, Skilled in Parenting Techniques and a Certified Story Teller. And I am the Founder of The Lifestyle Portal - :)
    17 October 2016

    This is What I Did to Get Back in Shape After My Delivery

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    Health & Fitness
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    Oh those wonderful days when you know you've conceived! You know that there's a tiny new life growing inside of you. It is a happy moment for you and everyone in your family. Your mother, your aunts, friends - will pamper you with all the homemade goodies packed with the goodness of ghee, dry fruits and what not. And the oodles of weight that come along will only make their presence felt much later...


    Here's what worked for me to get back in shape after childbirth. And yes, staying healthy and fit during pregnancy had a huge role to play in this!

    Following a healthy diet plan during pregnancy

    During pregnancy, you may be advised to 'eat for two'. As a result, sometimes, expecting mothers land up putting on loads of extra weight. Others may get detected with thyroid or pregnancy-related diabetes or other medical conditions that may cause you to put on that extra weight. In such cases, do check with your doctor with diet plans to help you stay fit and in shape.

    My diet plan included healthy habits such as:

    --Eating every two hours

    --Munching on dry fruits especially walnuts and almonds on a regular basis

    -- Consuming salad for an evening snack and eating lots of spinach, beetroot and chicken/mutton soup to up my haemoglobin levels

    Sticking to basic but regular exercise when expecting

    During my pregnancy, my gynaecologist gave me an exercise regime. I religiously followed it. I never missed my walks and meditation/ simple yoga asanas which helped me throughout my pregnancy.


    My doctor made sure that I squat down and mop the floor (pocha) every day to help me in the ease of delivery and that along with my morning and evening walks helped me stay in shape. I think the only extra weight that I put on was that of the baby as post delivery, I came back to my original weight.

    Perform some stomach-based exercises

    Right after delivery, I was given some core strengthening stomach exercises and gradually I went back to my walks with my baby in the stroller. Unfortunately, post a c-section, the stomach muscles do get a little loose, so asking your doctor, trainer or yoga instructor for some exercises is a good idea. 

    Do these fun physical activities

    Once your gynaecologist lets you know that you can proceed with your exercises, then try and hit the gym, a zumba class or learn yoga. I understand as new mothers we are hardly left with much time and energy as we're so sleep deprived, but once you're settled into a routine, you can gradually start with something that fits into your daily scheme of things and budget.

    Find time for yourself

    Yes, it is important to focus on yourself. It may seem difficult at first. But gradually, over the years, as things started following into a routine with a child, did I started finding the time to go to the gym, for my walks and go for yoga. Yes, there are days that I cannot manage to go, but whenever possible I try to walk even to the neighbourhood store at least that way there’s some movement of the body.

    Try and stay motivated

    The point I'd like to state here is that getting back in shape is not for anyone else, but for you. Remember, bearing a child for nine months and giving birth is not easy. Your body goes through a lot of hormonal and physical changes. Please be kind to yourself and your body. Eat well and stay healthy. Don't let the post pregnancy flab let you down.

    Remember, it is really okay. And even if you want to 'get back into shape', do so you must, but for your health, fitness and well-being and not for anyone else but you.

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