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    This Experience With My Baby Assured Me To Trust My Intuition
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    Shokhi Agarwal
    ForBaby Dove, 
    I am from New Delhi, India. A mother to two adorable daughters is what describes me the best! I am an avid reader, a writer and a blogger. To know more about me, take a look at my blog: I hope you find plenty of fuel for your fire here!!! :)
    06 January 2017

    This Experience With My Baby Assured Me To Trust My Intuition

    for Baby
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    About Baby Dove
    When it comes to being a mother, there is no right or wrong way - only your way! This is why we partnered with Baby Dove to bring your baby superior skincare aligned to your instincts as a mother.
    It is indeed a wonderful feeling to have your bundle of joy cuddling in your arms. It feels like you are in heaven. When I took my little one in my arms for the first time, it was a feeling beyond what words can describe. But at the same time, I was also going through anxiety. I was concerned about taking care of my baby’s health, feeding, and his sensitive, delicate skin. Yes, it is natural for us mothers to panic even for the smallest of things, and I was no exception.


    All around me, I had friends and relatives to give me advice on skincare. While at times I found it useful, I was often just irritated. It becomes really difficult to listen to every advice that comes from your close ones. I was confused and worried as everyone in my family would share their individual experiences with me, and this would only confuse me more.

    I decided to take a stand and start doing what felt right to me. Surely, as a mother, only I could set the parenting style based on what suits my baby! When it came to my baby’s skin, there was one thing I knew I had to do: keep her moisturized. I had noticed early on that babies lose moisture very quickly which means they need extra care to replenish this. In fact, what was more alarming to know was that babies skin loss moisture up to 5 times faster as compared to adult skin! But exactly how should I keep my baby’s skin hydrated and moisturized? This was the biggest question facing me.

    I started giving a massage to my baby using oil. I felt that massage was a healthy option for babies. It leaves the skin moisturized and improves blood circulation too. So I started massaging my baby regularly. I could see that it helped a lot. I gave my baby a bath after the oil massage and it made her sleep very well. But at times I felt that the oil massage and shower didn’t moisturize the skin for the whole day. Her skin would still turn dry.

    During those days, my baby also developed rashes because of the diapers, and this made her cranky. It was painful to see her in that condition. Some people told me not to use diapers. But the idea didn’t appeal much to me as I couldn’t have kept my baby with a wet feeling for the whole day and night! I also got suggestions about applying herbal products and homemade medicines. But I was unsure about their safety. Result: I felt quite helpless! I simply could not figure out how I was going to fight the situation.


    For several days, I remained divided between the tons of advice and the voice that came from my heart. I was in a situation wherein I couldn’t decide whether to listen to others or to my heart. But finally, I decided to analyze on my own just what kind of nourishment my baby’s skin needed. It had to be something that has high moisture content, is gentle, doesn’t cause allergies or skin irritation, and can keep the skin hydrated for long. I asked a couple of friends for baby products they could recommend that met this criteria. One of them suggested I start using Baby Dove. This is the baby skincare range of Dove, a brand I have always associated with moisturisation and gentleness.

    I decided to give it a try, and started using the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar for my baby’s bath-time. This is a hypoallergenic bathing bar specially formulated for sensitive skin. I am really happy to say that I have had a great experience! I can now sense that my baby’s skin is more nourished and I can also see her enjoying the bath. Moreover, her skin isn’t dry after the shower anymore.

    Caring for my baby’s skin has been a challenging experience. From recommendations on massage oils to homemade medicines, from being told to skip diapers to using herbal products, we have braved quite a lot. But finally, my intuition as a mother won. This experience convinced me that no one other than a mom can fully understand the needs of her baby. I had listened to my heart and my intuition, rather than to advice I wasn’t sure would work or not. And this had been the correct decision for us! The sense of calm that I felt then was beautiful.

    So what if people had other ideas of parenting or baby-care? As Baby Dove says, there is no right or wrong way of being a mother, just your way! And that there are no ‘perfect’ mothers, only real ones. It is all about trusting yourself and adopting a parenting style that suits you and your baby. Trying to adhere to hard and fast rules of parenting is pointless, as each and every baby is different. So is every mother.

    My experiences with my daughter so far have proved that my maternal instincts and intuition are really powerful. They are enough for me to decide what is best for my baby, and I find this immensely reassuring.

    The newly launched Baby Dove range of products is now available on To know more about Baby Dove, click here.

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