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    Syeda Fatima
    I am from Hyderabad, India. Hello mommies! I am a mommy blogger from Hyderabad, who likes to keep busy and productive. I have been divorced after a 6.5 yr marriage, and now married to my lovely husband. We welcomes our baby boy in Feb 2017! Follow me @hyderabadimom on twitter and facebook and read up my blog! I believe there's no limit to a womans potential, especially when she's a mother on a mission! I hope you like my posts! Happy reading!
    11 May 2015

    The student mommy

    3 mins read

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    Studying post children is difficult, but there are plenty moms out there who are doing it. There are many strong women who are not only studying for careers,, but to increase their knowledge on subjects of their like. So what stops us? I share my views on pursuing and continuing education as a mother.


    I describe myself as a life-long learner. No matter what as human beings we are constantly evolving and learning, it's inescapable. But I like to take it to the next level, I like the idea of being a called a 'student'. I love that, I love having deadlnes, reports to write, assignments to submit, and most importantly the push to actually have to open a book and learn.

    As a mother I think that is crucial, because it sets a good example to the children. Education isn't about a job or earning money. Education isn't meant for all that jazz, it's meant to empower you, and help you become the best intellectually improved version of yourself. For moms, it helps in so many ways, in my case it makes me feel productive, gives me my own space (a separate life), a sense of contribution, it is something no one can take away from me, it boosts confidence, keeps you in touch with the subject of your liking, and just polishes you overall.

    I am not talking the talk here mommies!, I started my graduation after Batool was born, she was my inspiration. I am now always ready to push myself, nothing gives you the confidence like multi-tasking with a child (or more). Batool gives me the strength and true realisation that I am capable of a lot more, I am smarter than I give myself credit for. If I can do my graduation with a 28 week preemie, I can for sure do my masters when she's years older!, and so I have set my educational goals at no lesser than a Ph.D. I am currently pursuing a diploma, and about start a short course too. And once I have gotten that 'Dr.' in front of my name, I want to do ER Medicince (that's a long shot, but I dare to dream!)

    I always tell my students. family and friends also, to broaden the horizons of education, don't limit it, because it will empower you, and expose you to your own capacities. Never stop studying. There's a sense of accomplishment and encouragment that comes, when you finish a course, a degree. There's that proof of hardwork in your hand. And as mothers, we need to lead our children with this light, not just by encouraging words, but by praticing, working hard, and being the role models, setting a standard on intellect.

    No matter what it is you like mommies!, just pursue it further, or start! Do it for you, to free your inner intellect.

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    Comments (3)

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    Syeda Fatima
    Thank you Anamika and Rachana. I'm glad you found my experience inspiring.
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    Anamika Agnihotri
    Yes, I too agree. You are indeed an inspiration for it needs audacity to study after having children. Here for me, I struggle writing 3 blogposts a week with a 4 year old around. This post reminds me to push myself a little more harder.
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    Rachana Jain
    Wow Syeda. This is really inspiring.
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