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    The Story Behind the Name of My Baby
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    Leena Chadha
    I am from New Delhi South East Delhi, India. Hello everyone. I have a son (biological) and a daughter (adopted). I am a working mother. So its safe to consider myself a mother, chef, nurse, best friend and organizer all rolled into one. I try to be the best as a mother while trying to extract the maximum out of my juggling act.
    26 April 2018

    The Story Behind the Name of My Baby

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    I have fond memories of the times when we were looking for names for my son. Something that I would want to share with all of you. Here's is the story of how I named my child.


    Birth of a child is always such a special event in Indian households. I have a son and a daughter. My daughter has always been docile and never objected to what we chose to name her. But I have fond memories and a nostalgic story behind what we decided to name my son. Something that I would want to share with all of you.

    Throughout my pregnancy, I had always hoped for a healthy happy baby. (Secretly, I wanted my first baby to be a girl child since I was craving to dress her up and bond with her as a good friend. God was kind and I am a proud mother  a boy and a girl today). But my son came into this world after putting up a bit of a fight. My water broke and I was approaching the start of my labour pains. Everything was running per plan, but then my baby suddenly ran into some foetal distress.

    And I needed a Caesarean. There was confusion all around, medical papers were hurriedly signed, and I was wheeled into the operation theatre. But taking one look at my tiny son, I was his fan forever. Like all mothers would agree, there is something magical about bringing forth another life into this world.

    My religious mother in law later announced that my son deserved a unique name related to some popular Hindu Vedic Deity, as he had entered the world with drama and God’s blessings. The elders gave their suggestions and many names came up such as Dhanush,and Naman. But, they were all refused.

    It was finally decided to name my son as “Aryaman” which means “Possessor of greatness”. Aryaman also happens to be the son of Aditi, who is the ‘Mother of all Gods’ so it felt more meaningful. This name also means the ‘Sun’ in Sanskrit and it sounds a powerful name but is also pious. Here my husband intervened and declared he had already decided the name ‘Zoraavar’ for our little one. He felt that this name sounded strong and powerful, but my cousins joked that such a name looked good on someone belonging to a dacoit’s family. Zoraavar was too aggressive a name back then.

    A lot of other relatives gave their own suggestions till my sister-in-law declared that as per traditions, she would decide a name for her nephew. Since she felt Aryaman sounded much cool and she had the last word. But our family pundit said to keep any name with a double A, as it would be more auspicious. So finally, my son was given the name Aaryaman (with a double A).

    We avoided a formal naming ceremony but had a small one at the neighbourhood temple, where the name Aaryaman or ‘Brahmaand ka Yodha’ was officially bestowed upon my son. There have been occasions where he had objected to this name given to him. Even now he complains sometimes that this name is very common among his school friends. So, now we call him Aarya, out of pure love. It is such a short and sweet alternative to Aaryaman.

    Now that I have shared my son's story with all of you, I would love to know about yours too. Please do share your unusual, funny, and warm stories in the comments.

    And I really appreciate Baby Dove and WorldOfMoms for letting me relive those memories. My kids are overjoyed to see their names on the bottles. If you want a personalised bottle too, click this link -






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