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    The Diaper Decisions: How I Decided on the Perfect Baby Diaper
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    Syeda Fatima
    ForHuggies , 
    I am from Hyderabad, India. Hello mommies! I am a mommy blogger from Hyderabad, who likes to keep busy and productive. I have been divorced after a 6.5 yr marriage, and now married to my lovely husband. We welcomes our baby boy in Feb 2017! Follow me @hyderabadimom on twitter and facebook and read up my blog! I believe there's no limit to a womans potential, especially when she's a mother on a mission! I hope you like my posts! Happy reading!
    04 October 2016

    The Diaper Decisions: How I Decided on the Perfect Baby Diaper

    3 mins read
    for Baby
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    About Huggies
    Babies are active little explorers, and as moms, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. This is why we partnered with Huggies to help you keep your baby dry and happy.
    From cloth diapers to gender specific diapers, there's so much out there to choose from. Read along as I discuss my journey into diaper land to make the right decisions for my baby :)


    In many families in India, there are elders who suggest the good old cloth diaper. When my mum suggested that years ago for my daughter , I was freaked out proper! OMG the scare of a cloth diaper; it didn't make sense to me! but I didn't come along to using them because the daughter was a preemie and needed to be kept warm and dry. And I couldn't find diapers in her size. The nurses taught me how to cut and tape diapers to fit her little body. Being pregnant now and just opening my mind to the various options available in the market, I am experiencing great excitement and confusion...

    What do we really need from a diaper?

    I guess all that a mother needs is a comfortable baby when in a diaper. The scariest bit is always the leakage, as keeping the baby dry is crucial. If your baby's skin stays exposed to moisture from pee or poop for an extended duration, he can be prone to skin problems, crankiness and infection. This was an anxiety that always troubled me in those early days.

    Of course, as mothers, we have to settle for the options available to us. I tried and used my best discretion and judgment to keep my baby as happy as possible. But still, as a new mom, I always found myself wanting more for my little one-something more comfortable and less bulky,that would save both of us from those unwanted leakages...


    Recently I was having a chat with my cousin in London and she informed me about gender specific diapers. At first it sounded odd, but then it made sense. Boys and girls have different body parts and they will require that extra layer of soaking in specific areas in their diapers. The concept seemed new, and I thought in India we didn't get gender diapers. But all that has changed! Huggies has now launched gender specific pant-style diapers. The diapers superior absorbency, with and extra dry layer in the front for boys and in the center for girls to enable quick absorption. I would trust the research of a brand like Huggies who was the first to bring diapers to India back in 1995. Plus, the texture of the diapers inside and outside is feather soft. The start for these is from 7 kgs and they're available in Medium and Large sizes so you can pick accordingly.

    I guess when it comes to diapers, it helps to try out different styles to which ones your child prefers, and which ones you prefer. Make an informed decision to keep your baby dry and comfortable, away from health problems. A baby that is happy can stay active and this is all we want at the end of the day.

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