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    Deepa Gandhi
    I am from Bengaluru, India. Hi I am Deepa, dietitian by education, choreographer and blogger by passion. I have 2 lovely girls who are my inspiration. I believe in the adage, " Make passion your profession and you will not regret it. "
    09 April 2016

    Real life or Reel life!

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    Family Life
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    Going to movies as a family? Should we look at the entertainment factor? Do we want to see emotional and message giving movies? I feel movie time with families should be fun and not something which leaves us sad when we come out.


    Yesterday my daughter finished her final exams and we decided to go for a movie. I heard from everybody that Kapoor and sons is a family movie and as we cannot take our kids to all Bollywood movies these days, I wanted to go as a family to watch it. My elder one was reluctant to go as she finds Bollywood movies boring. I told her that it is supposed to be a good one.

    The movie got me thinking, "Why do we go to watch a movie?"

    We go to movies to enjoy and to escape. Escape from the harsh realities, escape from the truth of life, escape from the everyday monotony of life. Movies take us to places we have never been and to a world which is quite different from our world.

    We all have different problems in real life. We go to movies to escape from that real life and if we are shown same story of our life then what is the point?

    Kapoor and sons is no doubt a great movie but isn't it too real? My kids didn't enjoy it at all as according to them it was boring.

    Life is difficult and uncertain. We have hopes and dreams, fears and failings, friends and enemies. We struggle in our work, struggle to pay our bills, struggle to find love and make friends, struggle to achieve contentment, struggle to fit into our clothes, and struggle to understand everything about family. We need help to deal with all that. We all need something which can make us happy.

    Movies are just the ultimate medium for us to experience something which is not about all the struggles but about pure entertainment. A movie is about escaping life, not being reminded of how much of a struggle it is for all of us sometimes.

    I don't know how many of you agree with me on this. But as an emotional person and a person who has faced realities of life close up, I just cried in second part of the movie.

    And my husband who didn't like the fact that his wife got all emotional, said, "We will read reviews nicely before coming to any movie now". And my elder daughter said," I told you so!"

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