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    Raising a Son Like a Son!!
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    Anamika Agnihotri
    I am from Bengaluru, India. I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom of a 4 year old boy. I sincerely believe that I know nothing about parenting and rearing a child. I constantly make efforts at learning the tricks of this trade where although I start out being an instructor but humbly end up following the pupil, my son. I blog about my motherhood and parenting experiences, about how I follow my parental instincts, fail many a times and re-adjust my practices.
    05 May 2015

    Raising a Son Like a Son!!

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    It is often that I come across articles mentioning raising daughters like sons or raising sons like daughters. Giving a thought over this, I feel that this idea is so restrictive in itself.


    For once I do not understand what it is to raise a child like a daughter or to raise like a son. Is being a daughter or a son more important than being a human being who is sensitive and appreciative of the world around, of the other gender and of the other creatures?
    I choose not to raise my son D like a girl or the daughter whom I will never have (owing to the medical reasons) but as a sensitive human being. I am not going to bind him into any stereotypes.

    Boys should cry
    I will not tell him that he is being a girl when he pours out his emotions in tears. Letting your emotions flow out is not a sign of weakness, a sole domain considered of a girl. The explanation provided will be that It is a sign of a human who lets go off his/her fears and turbulence to realize his/her strengths.

    Gender-specific toys are a scam
    I am not going to tell him that playing with dolls or a kitchen set is not a boy thing. I can see that his current interests in guns, cars, monster fighting and superheroes are such considered to be boyish. So why not let him play with a doll, feed the doll, rock it to sleep, prepare food with the toy kitchen set and give him a chance to develop his nurturing side.

    Housework is for boys and girls
    I will not direct him to go away when he comes up to me offering help with my household chores. Or in case he does not show any inclination towards the chores I am going to ask him for his help. Because doing the domestic chores is not the job of a particular gender or the mother alone instead it is a way of sustaining as a family.

    He needs to be himself...
    I will coach him to be a free bird in his heart who has his own opinions, who is capable of having different perspectives on an issue at hand rather than going with the set norms of the society which tell how a particular gender should behave.

    ...And understand that girls have dreams and goals too

    I will read to him books about princesses & fairies and real & fictional female characters because he needs to know what all interests the female gender, what are their strengths and weaknesses, their inner struggles and their dreams. He needs to know that their dreams are as important as his or of the male gender.

    Caring for the planet is everybody's responsibility

    I will work with him to raise awareness about the importance of caring for our planet earth, keeping our surroundings cleaner, reducing our individual carbon footprints and so much more because there are many things which are far more important than being a boy or a girl.

    My life's journey enumerated in the points above is not going to be easy for there are many battles to be fought for moulding the patriarchal belief system practiced by the people around me who are equal stakeholders in this process of raising D. Yet I am sure every battle is going to make me stronger to take on the next one.

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    Comments (3)

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    Ruchi Manchanda
    Such a nice article . I agree word by word))
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    Anamika Agnihotri
    Thanks Sheetal for the appreciation. You are so right in mentioning about letting them fly in their own directions with us providing them the nurturing hands. Treating them as a human rather than being a privileged gender will help in making this world more just and equal.
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    Sheetal Bhaskar
    Very well said Anamika. I am also having a baby boy. He is going to complete his 11 mnths in next few days. And I will definitely keep your thoughts while bringing him up. Better we make our kids good in person and a good citizen of the and the asset for the Nation rather than train them as boy or girl. Let them fly in their own directions. We should only provide them the helping and nurturing hands. Thanks
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