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    Pros and Cons My Baby and I Have Faced While Living in a Joint Family
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    Vasantha Vivek
    ForBaby Dove, 
    I am from Tuticorin, India. I am V. Vasantha. Later Vasantha Vallinaygam during my college days and before marriage. Now I am Vasantha Vivek since my hubby Vivek likes this. I am a happy woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher, friend, mentor, seeker, lover ……. I am from Kovilpatti, a small town of southern Tamilnadu in India… I am a teacher by profession. I was a professor at an Engineering College for nearly 15 years. I learnt a lot as a teacher … hope I have inspired some hearts during this period … Teaching is my passion … Reading is my love … Cooking is my heart … I enjoy reading and writing very much … I start & end my days with reading … Now I started writing also … so come … My Sweet Nothings … Blog URL : Facebook Page : Twitter Page :
    pros and cons of joint family
    23 March 2017

    Pros and Cons My Baby and I Have Faced While Living in a Joint Family

    5 mins read
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    About Baby Dove
    When it comes to being a mother, there is no right or wrong way - only your way! This is why we partnered with Baby Dove to bring your baby superior skincare aligned to your instincts as a mother.
    While returning home from a skin clinic, I was thinking about a chat I had overheard. A couple was discussing the skin problem of their daughter. The mother seemed to be very worried and was blaming everyone in her husband’s family…


    I had gone to the clinic for my treatment. The previous month, we made some changes in our family and decided to use only Swadeshi products. But somehow, that didn’t turn out well for me. I got rashes all over my body and it was very irritating! We had heated arguments at home about the reasons behind those rashes. I strongly believed it was due to the change in my soap. My skin is very sensitive. I have been using only the skin-friendly Dove Soap for the past 15 years. This change didn’t suit me at all. I was under medication and am still not recovered completely.

    The pains of itching and the expenses, along with that chat, drowned me in a mixture of memories and emotions. I still have fresh memories of Mithu’s (my son’s) childhood. He was born with a wheatish complexion like mine. The elders in the family were continuously insisting on some “tested” home remedies so he could have his dad’s color. They kept on offering these to me. I was forced to apply some flour on Mithu’s skin, and guess what – he got skin rashes and allergies!

    At that time, I was not clear what to do. Whether I should go for elder’s advice, friends’ suggestions, internet inputs, doctor’s prescriptions… or my own instincts. Mithu was under treatment for nearly one month and only then got a full recovery. Ever since that incident, I have always tried to follow my own maternal instincts for my baby rather than heeding any other advice.

    From my personified wisdom and the strength that motherhood has given me, I am enlisting for you the pros and cons of raising a child in a joint family:


    1.       You are not alone. Always, you can have a support system for your problems and confusions.

    2.       You have tested remedies. You will have tried and tested recommendations for various problems. You will also be directed about the positive and negative effects of these tested remedies.

    3.       You can learn from experiences. You will be provided with many solutions to all your problems based on the life experiences of your family members.


     1.       You may develop self-pity. Everyone tries to give you some advice – so much so that you are forced to develop self-pity about yourself and being a mother!


    2.       Cannot rely on every solution. We live in the modern era. Hence, some old, traditional solutions may not suit you or your baby.

    3.       Too many cooks spoil the food. You are left with confusions and doubts when too much advice is offered to you.

    4.       Lacks of self-learning. If you rely only on your family members’ suggestions, then you may fail in self-learning the lessons of motherhood.

    5.       Lack of self-confidence. If you follow your own instinct and get better results, then your self-confidence improves. Otherwise, you may suffer with a lack of confidence in your abilities as a mother.

    6.       Time bound solutions are missing. Old, traditional solutions will not be suitable for some problems that are critical and time bound.

    Back to my skin treatment, I am slowly recovering. And yes, I was advised to continue only with my skin-friendly Dove Soap. I feel that today’s young moms are lucky to have Baby Dove products recently launched into the market. These products are dermatologist and paediatrician-tested. They are not only mild but also provide superior moisturization, and this is very helpful in keeping a baby’s thin and delicate skin soft and hydrated. The Baby dove range has been developed such that all their products are also are hypoallergenic, pH neutral and gentle to the eyes with a mild and caring fragrance specifically developed for delicate baby skin. I feel that Mithu might not have suffered, if only I had Baby Dove products that time…

    Have you faced any problems in raising your kids in a joint family? Do you follow elder’s advice, friends’ suggestions or your own instincts? In my journey as a mother, I have discovered that my mommy instincts are my best friend in deciding what is best for my baby. Following my gut has helped me raise my child well in a joint family.

    The newly launched Baby Dove range of products is now available on To know more about Baby Dove, click here.

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    Comments (2)

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    Rattlebabblebattle Priyadarshanipanda
    I have never lived in a joint family but the things you mentioned happens with all .. I am yet to try baby dove products will sure give it a try
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    Smita Pal
    Good go read the pros and cons od a joint family
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