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    01 September 2015

    Parents Spoil Kids When it Comes to Eating Habits

    Preeti Agarwal
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    I am from Bengaluru, India.
    It has been 5.5 years I haven't touched bread or soft drink or chocolates or maggi. Or to be very precise, may be hardly 3 times in all these years. And now me and my kid both are so much used to healthy eating habits. My kid doesn't even know what is thumbs up or fanta, for him it is just colored sugar water which is not good at all!


    This is a serious problem with kids of this generation. I see all my friends complaining about their kids being too much fond of chocolates, cakes, packed foods and junk fast foods. Especially outside food or non home-made food.

    Has anyone ever given a thought how do they develop this habit? Where do they develop this taste from ? It is not generation or gene :)

    It is we who give them that!! Surprised!! Okay here it's how.

    --Mom is busy with office work.. no time to cook.. on her way back she picks up a burger or frankie or whatever with an excuse that this is just one day today (which is never just once, usually).

    --When kids cry, we give them a chocolate. When we want something get done from them, we bribe them with a chocolate or ice cream.

    --We keep quick cook packets like maggi, croissant, cakes or soup mixes to feed our kids when there is nothing else to give him.

    --When guests or extended family come home, they get chocolates, cakes and ice creams for our small little cutie pie.

    We are so much used to these soft drinks and quick foods that we end up giving a bite or two to kids when we eat them. And kids develop the taste.

    Please stop immediately. They are very very unhealthy. No matter whatever the brand has to say about it.

    These are some small small instances where kids get to know about such foods and start to love the taste and develop a habit over the time. No matter how busy you are, it hardly takes time to prepare khichadi or upma or just a simple dosa. Some veggies added to them with some cheese would give yumm taste that kids love.

    Imagine, how you love or miss something calling "Maa ke haath ka khana .. " Give that to your kids!!  If your kids get cranky, leave them alone for sometime. They cry for a min or two, and when no attention is given to them they stop on their own. This is kids' tendency, to cry more when they are given attention. Hard to do it, but then you need to be strict for your kid's good health.

    No matter what your kid is presented with from guests, please keep that away from them. Feed that back to the guests or there is always store or thrash :)

    If kids are kept away from these devils for the initial five to seven years, they will develop good habits on food. Over time, even if they are given an option of burger over a chapati, trust me they will choose chapati. Mine does!! (he is just 4) and he loves home food.

    Educate your kids about nutrition. About vitamins, protein, calcium. They are never too young to learn anything. You will decide their learning levels based on how much you teach them. So go on giving as much as you can.

    Give up your bad food habits and start on healthy and fresh home made food if you want that out of your child. because you know it well, children learn from us. :)

    So moms .. lets join the mission of healthy food.. kids will automatically join in :)!!

    *This is my first article on WoM :) Feels nice to write it and hope you all like it.


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    Comments (15)

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    Vidhu Dhawan
    True, my son is 3 doesn't like pizzas, burgers etc. Though he is very selective about what he wants to eat (unfortunately had to leave him in a day care since he was 9 months) but at least that's home made. He loves idling n dosa, even I prepare pasta for him (wheat pasta specifically with veggies) that's a once in 1-1.5mth treat for him. But yeah I am very worried about his selectivity of even home made food, doesn't eat all veggies. What shud I do for that? Any suggestions?
    profile pic
    Shradha Jain
    Kids not only develop eating habits from their parents but also in school and with friends. So, they could be restricted happily upto a certain point, once they get taste of Maggi, Chocolate and Ice-Cream etc., they are going to love it and want it. My son didn't have these things until the age of 2.5 years however when he started schooling and some of his elder friends who had bad eating habits, he also catched upon some. This is inevitable..
    profile pic
    Kavita Mahajan
    nice article .....helpful
    profile pic
    Snigdha Ogale Bhatia
    Same here... My son is 3.3 and does not want outside junk food or sweets even if he is offered one!!
    profile pic
    Sangeeta Mann
    Very helpfull. Thanks
    profile pic
    Gnanambigai Sukumar
    Thanks for this article. Superb
    profile pic
    Mansi Sharma
    Mam can you also provide as to what do you generally give for breakfast lunch and dinner ...atleast 2-3 options ...thanks in advance
    profile pic
    Jyotsna Bansal
    profile pic
    Palak Arora
    This article is very helpful. Thanx...
    profile pic
    Shweta Dewangan
    Thanks for the useful article.. :)
    profile pic
    Bushra Mustufa
    very helpfull article..i shared it with my husband who is an expert in spoiling our daughter.
    profile pic
    Cindy D'Silva
    very true. my daughter knows she can have a chocolate a day. nothing more.
    profile pic
    Pallabi Samal
    Helpfull article
    profile pic
    Debashree Basak
    Hey Preeti...supremely well put article.Even though I stay in The USA i still believe in feeding my bany healthy stuff..i dtrictly ensure hpmecooked food for her.Its we parents who have a fetish for indulging our kids on the luxury of unhealthy food habits.Even though mybaby is 2.5 years ahe ia ignorant about readymade foods or any soft drinks for that matter.All i wanna junk day a single day..lets embrace health all the way!
    profile pic
    Siddhi Dholakia
    Hi preeti... well written and ya very helpfull article.
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