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    My Post Childbirth Period Was Even Tougher Than My Pregnancy Thanks To These 10 Problems
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    Rhea Lobo
    I am from Mumbai, India. A Huffington Post writer & Founder-Mom is Born (
    18 January 2017

    My Post Childbirth Period Was Even Tougher Than My Pregnancy Thanks To These 10 Problems

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    for Pregnancy
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    Apart from the typical pregnancy symptoms, I had a fairly smooth pregnancy. My real troubles began post childbirth.


    While you are pregnant, friends and family around you start behaving differently. People start fussing over you, you get all this attention thanks to the bump and people go as far as touching your bump without your permission because they are so fascinated by it. I had a normal pregnancy with a C-section delivery. However, I was over the moon to finally be able to hold my baby, but my worries had just began.

    Here are a list of 10 problems I had post childbirth that made pregnancy look like a cake walk:

    1. I had trouble moving: The days after a C-section, the pain is fairly excruciating, but it does get better from day 3 post a C-section. For the first three days though, I was unable to move as nimbly as I did in the past -- I needed help to go to the bathroom even!

    2. I am responsible for taking care of a newborn, when I couldn’t take care of myself properly: I was still recovering from C-section (which is after all, a surgery). Imagine being thrown into the deep end and asked to take care of a newborn. With my first child, I panicked about everything. During the first vaccination, I was crying my heart out for my baby, although he didn’t feel the pain beyond a few seconds.

    3. The right way of breastfeeding: Trying to get the hang of breastfeeding was no easy task. Getting my baby to latch on properly, to not fall asleep seconds after we start a feed, to make sure he had drunk enough milk, to feed every 2 took time to get the hang of it and to understand how my body has changed.


    4. Engorged breasts: After you have a baby and your milk supply kicks in (like really kicks in), the pain in your breasts can be fairly excruciating.

    5. Oh, those sleepless nights: With a newborn waking up so often, it was tough getting some much needed sleep during this period.

    6. Bleeding after delivery: I never really thought about this when I was pregnant. And I didn’t expect to bleed as much as I did after I had a baby. It went on for weeks. It really was a lot to deal with.

    7. Massive amounts of hair loss: During pregnancy, my hair was silky smooth and shiny. It never looked better than it did during those 9 months. But that was short lived. Three months after I gave birth, my hair was falling like crazy. I was worried whether I’d go bald soon!

    8. No time to cook: When you are pregnant, everyone wants to feed you. After you've had a baby, you just don’t have the time to cook and feed yourself and it’s so important to eat right during this time. It helped to have my mom around to pamper me a little.

    9. Easy travelling? What’s that?: When I was pregnant, I did a fair share of travel. The initial weeks after a baby is born, you tend to be homebound as you figure out your way through the process of taking care of a newborn.

    10. Stretch marks: Those were initially shocking for me to take in; somehow they didn’t look so bad during pregnancy. I did accept it with grace soon though, the stretch marks are proof that I just grew a beautiful baby inside me and I won’t want it any other way.

    So yes, my post childbirth period has been very tough. But I have kept at it. If you too are going through a similar situation, stay put and all the best!

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