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    My Message To Everyone Who Tells a Mom She's Put on Weight
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    Yaamini Radhakrishnan
    I am from Bengaluru, India. I am a freelance writer with 4 years of experience based in Bangalore, i enjoy writing on various niches like parenting, health, nutrition, fashion, beauty and travel. Reading and writing has always been my passion and i enjoy doing it in my free time. I love to read, research and write about my experience
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    25 September 2016

    My Message To Everyone Who Tells a Mom She's Put on Weight

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    Pregnancy is a beautiful phase with all the pampering, love and affection bestowed upon you. But along with all the beautiful feelings come oodles of weight. Pregnancy is a phase where weight gain is inevitable whether you like it or not.


    With the growing baby’s needs and changing hormones, you end up putting on weight lot more than you expected. Each woman’s weight gain in pregnancy is different and it’s not always about self-indulgence or laziness or lack of exercise.

    When a woman delivers her baby, it doesn’t mean she is going to become normal and regain the same figure she had before conceiving. Soon after birth, although she loses some kilos, it takes a while to regain body shape and composure.

    During breastfeeding, some women lose weight drastically, while some put on more weight! Breast-feeding is an important phase that provides nutrition to the growing baby for a minimum of 6 months. Since the mother needs to fend for her new-born, she needs to lactate owing to a rising increase in food demand by her body. As her body goes on a roller-coaster ride with changing needs and hormones in the body, a mother after the birth of her baby has no control on her weight gain.

    We might have noticed everyone attacking a mother on how much weight she has put on in recent times. Have we ever wondered how this can impact her mind and health?

    Following is my advice to everyone who tells a mom she has put on weight:

    1} You are going to go down the same lane!

    If you haven’t become a mother yet, remember you are going to walk the same lane one day. Your body is also going to undergo the same changes and you are going to be facing the same situation as she is right now.


    2} You should develop some consideration and empathy

    Although her weight gain may alarm you, please try to be sensitive and empathetic. Pregnancy and post-birth journey has not been an easy phase for her. If you cannot understand what she is going through, at least don’t remind her of her weight gain.

    3} Your encouragement could make or break a new mom's emotional state

    If you have been watching a new mom brood over her failure to lose weight after becoming a mom, then the best that you can do is to encourage her. Encourage her to keep trying and not lose defeat. She is soon going to feel normal and look her usual self.

    4} Learn to be supportive of fellow women and mothers

    As a close family member or friend, the least you can do to help a mother is be supportive. Do not comment on her rising weight gain over the past few months. Be supportive during this phase and make her feel she is normal and is going to get over this phase eventually.

    It is always important to remember that it is not easy on the mother to undergo the changes in transition from pregnancy to a new mom. Rather than worrying about her weight, she needs to look into the needs of her child. Eventually she will realize that it is time to shed those extra kilos and become as fit as she was before pregnancy.

    Help a mother sail through this difficult phase! It will come to every woman!

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