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    Ila Varma
    I am from Patna, India. I am a Blogger by Profession and a full time Mom for my bundle of joy. I love cooking special dishes, throwing parties of homemade or self-cooked food. I love decorating and maintaining my home and garden. Being a social animal, love meeting people but first priority is my home and my work. I run two blogs and try to be sincere in my writings but at times, I have to take hiatus to concentrate on other areas of life. I am an emotional person and get moved by people's sufferings and try to help the underprivileged, needy and old. I love my kid and my world revolves around my kid, husband and family which includes my parents and siblings from both sides. My weakness is short-temperament but gradually I am controlling through self improvement because realization has set in that true happiness can be achieved by been calm and patient and impatience causes trouble to me as well as people nearby. My strength is that I am able to judge my drawbacks and as soon as I justify, I start working on it to improve.
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    10 May 2018

    My Baby - My Pride!

    4 mins read
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    My journey to motherhood and the experiences encountered some beautiful and few hiccups but finally, it was an awesome journey and I am enjoying motherhood.


    Motherhood is an accomplishment for a woman to be graced by a kid in her life. It changes her life! A carefree and careless girl turns into a responsible and caring soul. I was no exception, I went through the same.


    Before getting hitched, I was not so careful about the dates of my period but after tying the knot, even if few hours passed from the due date, my senses alerted me.


    Initially, I did not wish to start a family. I wanted to enjoy spending time with my husband.


    But after a few years, our parents began to pester us. They would try and tell us encouraging stories from their own parenting days and would insist that we try to have our own.


    I was still not convinced. However, things don’t go as planned...


    One fine day, I’d realised I missed my period. I kept this to myself, even my hubby didn’t know. I waited 15 days and then decided to get myself tested at a lab along with a close friend of mine. I wanted to give my husband a surprise!


    Yes, the lab test was positive and my happiness knew no bounds!


    My better half was elated by the news and within few hours of disclosure, the news spread among family members like wild fire.


    Unlimited calls started pouring with innumerable advice. A positive lab test changed everyone’s perspective of me. All of them began to pamper me and get protective.


    As life began to grow in my womb, I was greeted with morning sickness, nausea etc. followed and my enthusiasm to become a Mom, started taking a backseat after going through these harrowing experiences.


    Fear crept in as I began to wonder how I would withstand the period of nine months with so many complications.


    After first trimester, things worked out well and pregnancy blues vanished and I began to enjoy this phase once again. Her kicks, her movements within me encouraged me to be attracted towards life that was growing inside me and I fell in love with her.


    We both started searching names for the awaited child and collected numbers of name of both, boy and girl. I wrote down in my diary with the meanings.


    Finally, November arrived and the bundle of joy was laid by the doctor in my arms to cuddle. I could not believe that we had create this sweet cute girl. It was an ecstatic moment, which cannot be put in words.


    My hubby asked me what name we should choose for her and I immediately said, “Pihu”.


    Why Pihu?” He asked.


    Pihu means the sweet sound of birds and isn’t she as sweet as that?” I tried to convince him.


    She is going to complete 3 and she has more than ten names. She goes by Pihu, Sona, Laali, Pinki etc. and at times, she is confused when we call her by different names.


    Pihu’ is her official name and she is as sweet as the name suggests.


    She has brought immense happiness in our lives and Just thinking about her sweet name brings back so many memories.


    I am on cloud nine after receiving an attractive gift hamper from Baby Dove. Thanks World of Moms and Baby Dove for the lotion bottle with my princess’s name on it.


    If you too would like to recieve this for your baby, click here

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