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    My Angel's 1st Dance Performance
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    Rakhi Parsai
    I am from Pune, India. I am a Corporate Communication professional based in Pune. My career has spanned across strategic communication and as a public-relations specialist. Two things, however, have always remained constant: my passion for storytelling and my thirst for acquiring new knowledge, skills, and experience. In all these little over 7 years i have rose from intern to Corporate Communication professional, from a mentee to a mentor. Outside of work i am wife and a mother to an adorable munchkin.
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    14 March 2015

    My Angel's 1st Dance Performance

    4 mins read
    for Toddlers
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    The first stage performance of a child means a lot to the parents as well as to the child. There are many moments of anxiety. The first stage performance is known to give butterflies in the stomach for even a veteran actor. But surprisingly most of the kids appear to be some genius that they simply go out there have fun and leave the audience spellbound.


    Today was the proudest day of my life...It was my daughters 1st stage performance. She has been enrolled in a daycare since she was 14 months old. And now my 23month big girl performed for the 1st time on stage. We have been desperately waiting for the day to come. All this while we saw her dancing on some or the other song tune at home and used to wonder if this is her dance step. She would jump to certain beats, swing her hip in a certain manner, nod her head left and right, up and down.

    So the day began with a lot of excitement and anxiety for me. Ira since her early childhood  was quite outgoing and dynamic but heart of heart i was worried for my little girl. Like any mother even I just wanted her to be cheerful and happy. So the annual function was supposed to start at 9:30 sharp so all the parents had reached the venue at 8:45 to handover the kids for backstage preparations. As per the instructions by the daycare we were asked to put little make up on kids, so finally i applied some pink lipstick on my daughters lips and rose on her cheeks.. She looked like a fairy, my own little angel..

    Although i drop Ira to daycare everyday but today handing her over to the teacher brought tears in my eyes. It seems like yesterday that she was born and today she was going to perform for the 1st time on stage.. It was a proud moment and i wanted to live every moment. So she was handed over to the teacher. Gates for parents were yet to open, i was impatient and the time was not passing.. I wanted to ensure that i get the first seat in front of the stage so that i get to see her right in front of my eyes.. I rushed towards the entrance gate and was prepared to nudge people and make my way quickly in the auditorium. Luckily we got the aisle seat just in front of the stage. 


    After initial introductions and presentation by the school the event started. Anticipation of Ira's performance made me very emotional and i could not control my tears. Ira's group was supposed to perform 3rd. I noticed my heart beginning to race at the thought of Ira coming on stage. I could see little feet in black socks from below the stage curtain. Finally the curtains were drawn and i jumped on my seat and came on the edge with my camera handy to capture my doll.. I wanted to live every second of her performance and wanted to capture every precious expression of my love, my daughter... The proud mother in me cried and cried all through the performance. And there she was all serious but not scared definitely.


    I had my fingers crossed as i just wanted her to stay put if not perform.  The song was played and i saw her moving with the tune.. Thoughtful and meticulous that my daughter has always been, she helped her co dancer with his props as he was confused and forgot to pick his prop from floor. She swayed her hips and stomped her feet and moved round and round with a glittery scarf in her hand. That was the best sight my eyes have ever witnessed. I felt complete.... Now that i have become a mother i could understand my mothers happiness on everything that i ever achieved. I missed my mom desperately, who is resting in gods cradle today. 

    Within my heart, I shouted for my girl, and my body shivered in excitement and pride. And just as I wiped my eyes, the curtains fell, the song faded and a huge round of applause engulfed the auditorium. It was a momentous occasion. I won't ever forget the day as my heart for the first time stepped out in open and started her journey in the world.. Love you my baby...

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    Comments (5)

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    Siddhi Dholakia
    Hey.. Rakhi... congratulations to ur motherhood love n to ur little one. Keep going ahead. Very happy for ur gal.
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    Rakhi Parsai
    thank you Sithara, Deepika and Rachna..
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    Sithara Panikar
    Superb Rakhi, you have expressed your feelings so well in each and every word. Heart-touching. Proud mom. Thanks for the write-up.
    profile pic
    Rachana Jain
    profile pic
    Deepika Dhiria
    Lovely..I am not a mom yet,still you made me feel motherhood with your beautiful wishes for ur baby :)
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