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    Shireen Srivastava
    I am from Kolkata, India. Hi, I\'m Shireen Srivastava from Kolkata, a bubbly homemaker who's Mum to an exceptionally cute and beautiful baby girl, Angel. I'm a graphic artist, an avid reader, an aspiring keyboard player, a cooking enthusiast, an ardent animal lover and a passionate writer, all rolled into one. Life, to me, is nothing short of a celebration, and I believe in living each moment to the fullest. My family is God's greatest blessing to me, and my life is dedicated to their happiness and well-being :)
    01 November 2015


    7 mins read
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    "When we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same." When a woman is at peace with herself, and practices self-love and acceptance, she leaves a bit of sparkle in all the lives she touches. It's the kind of love that sets her free, and keeps her going despite the obstacles that lie in her path. Her happiness is not dependent on others' opinion of her. She knows that seeking validation from others is like seeking illumination from a lamp when the real source of light lies within her.


    Let someone love you with all your imperfections. Let someone appreciate you for all the good work you do. Let someone recognise the gift you were born with and urge you to chase your dream. Let someone pamper you silly and treat you like the princess you are. Let that someone be YOU

    It's a small promise I make to myself as I wake up every morning. I realise, as a woman I am a marvellous creation of God. I am the epitome of love and courage, the backbone of my family. I've been blessed with a gem of a husband and an adorable angel for a daughter. When I expertly juggle through my multiple roles and devote time to caring for my family, I feel proud inside. In fact, when I see them perfectly happy and healthy, I don't forget to pat my back. 

    The first love affair we ever have is with our own self. No amount of love we receive from others can satisfy the craving of our soul. It yearns for self-acceptance. It's a gift that makes us thrive. It doesn't make us selfish or conceited. It only equips us to love others more. Yes, until we learn to love and accept ourselves completely, we cannot love the ones important to us. One cannot serve from an empty vessel. 

    Self love is about kindness, acceptance, encouragement and care. It removes doubts, banishes fears, brings peace and makes me comfortable in my own skin. I can help heal and inspire others by just being myself. My daughter will grow up following my example, not my advice. By radiating self love and acceptance, I will imbibe the same qualities in her. She will never suffer from low self esteem or lack of confidence. She will grow up knowing her worth and will not allow anything outside of her to determine her happiness.

    "The little light of my life" is the light that blazes away inside me, unhindered, unaffected by any degree of darkness. It's that tiny voice in my mind that says I am the best when my loved ones forget to mention it, or that I'm beautiful when the pesky lady next door comments on my tousled hair and not-so-flat tummy. Its the love dwelling within me that appreciates every effort I make and praises me on every achievement, no matter how small. So, I work and care for my family with twice the enthusiasm. I make sure all their needs are met, but make an effort to squeeze out time to do the things that make me happy too, no matter how little. I work out, not to impress others, but to be the best version of myself - fit and healthy. I dress up for me, it makes me feel good and walk with my head high. But the most important thing I wear, is, of course my confidence.

    I am a daughter, a wife, a mother,  but that isn't my only identity. I am a woman, first and foremost. I am gifted. I am special. I give birth to perfection. I'm clothed in dignity and pride. I'm free, no trap can ensnare me. I choose to sacrifice for my family. I am strong. I hold within me a complete cycle - the power to create, nurture and transform. No amount of darkness can subdue my shine. I am incandescent with my own light.

    "This post is an entry for the contest 'The Little Light of my Life' on for a jackpot prize."

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