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    Niharika Modi
    Guest Contributor, 
    I am from Mumbai, India. I am a CA by profession who is employed currently as a full time MOM. My passion is to read, write and explore things which holds my interest to learn more. When I am mommying you can find me blogging or chatting with my friends. I am a chatter box who loves to talk and laugh as my motto is to "LIVE EACH DAY AS IF THERE IS NO TOMORROW".
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    26 October 2015


    4 mins read
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    Everyone has "The little light" which keeps the spirit alive within them and live life with happiness and peace. For me, I believe that this "Little Light" keeps changing in various stages of life be it childhood, teenage, adulthood.


    Life is unpredictable and we never know what is in the store for us, the coming second. Then also we keep planning for future anticipating good in every damn thing. Ever imagined why and from where such spirit comes to us?  It’s because each one of us has a reason to do so, as we have a ray of light which keeps beaming from darkness and make us keep planning and deciding a better life ahead.

    For every person this definition of “The Little Light” can be different and can vary too in various stages of their life.  I remember when I was in my teenage years, for me being a successful professional, liberty of buying whatever I desired, dining out and hanging out with friends were the only desires which kept me going and struggling to achieve my path towards success. So, I can say “MY DESIRES” was the “The Little Light of Mine” which motivated deep within me to achieve success. Today I am a Chartered Accountant with all luxuries of life which I dreamt of.

    But, when I am a mother, I think that “The Little Light of Mine” has changed from “My Desires” to “The Smiles” of my dearest ones. I think I have evolved in my stage of life and can now better understand and judge my priorities and happiness. I feel that material things do bring happiness, but they don’t last long. Have you experienced a smile which came on other person’s face because of you? If not, then do try it once. It brings peace along with happiness, which lasts longer and refills us with instant energy, and keeps us going.

    For me smiling face of my Brat (three year old son), my husband, my in-laws, and my parents all just makes my day. I can go to any extent to bring smiles on their faces. But sometimes it acts as a lethal weapon too, especially when it comes to my Brat. He baits me with his smile and gets treated with extra chocolates, which deep within me I regret giving. On the sound of wrappers he will rush to my side, will peep from my back and say “Mom! Please give me one chocolate, only one and will show me two fingers. I just can’t resist myself from not parting one and seeing him relish with his mouth full of candy.

    I have many such instances especially with my Brat but I am unable to write all, as then this post will never end. I would love to hear such instances from other moms here.
    Keep sharing as we share one special bond of “Motherhood”.
     "This post is an entry for the contest 'The Little Light of my Life' on for a jackpot prize."

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