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    Important Skin Care Tips All Moms Must Follow
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    Amruta Ramsubramaniam
    ForHimalaya , 
    I am from Mumbai, India. Amruta Ram has pursued her post-graduation in Marketing & Cosmetology. After the birth of her child, she extensively studied the concept of early learning, gentle parenting and Montessori. She left her high-profile corporate job to pursue her passion on Early Learning. She loves to document her Montessori – inspired journey on her YouTube channel and has helped 1000’s of moms to enjoy this journey at their homes. You can check her YouTube channel here: She also blogs at where she offers Free Printables for Toddlers and pre-schoolers. Amruta also creates and designs customized Montessori-inspired wooden toys for children which you can check at
    27 September 2016

    Important Skin Care Tips All Moms Must Follow

    4 mins read
    for New Born, Baby
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    About Himalaya
    Pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on your skin, making it dry and uncomfortable for both you and your precious little one. This is why we partnered with Himalaya to help you both get the best care straight from nature's lap.
    Motherhood is blissful (and tiring and exhausting!). And it surely takes a toll on our health – physical as well as mental. Conditioning our hair or following a night time skin care routine all take a back-seat as you are so engrossed with that little bundle of joy...


    Since three years now I have been actively writing articles and filming videos on early learning and Montessori inspired activities / lifestyle. But here is a little secret - before starting this wonderful journey I used to work as a Marketing Head with an international cosmetic brand. Having a post graduate degree in cosmetic and perfumery management, today I am excited to again go back to school (literally) and talk about something I majored in - skin care.

    I hope this article helps you to get back in groove, and for a change take care of yourself, too! Before you begin any skin-care routine, keep in mind these points:

    1. Know your skin type. Now, there is a difference between skin type and skin condition, so make sure you seek professional help in case you are not sure what type is your skin. To explain in simple words, skin type can be dry, oily, combination, sensitive, etc. Whereas skin condition is something that is only triggered due to environmental factors, stress etc. E.g. If you see redness in your skin in winters, it means your skin is sensitized temporarily (which is a skin condition) versus sensitive skin (which is a skin type!).


    2. Once you know your skin type, choose your products accordingly. Also whenever choosing a product, read the labels and see what ingredients it has, and its functions and benefits.

    3. If you are on a budget (and still want to take good care of your skin), look for multi-purpose products e.g. a moisturizer with an in-built SPF.

    4. Wherever possible, choose products with naturally derived ingredients. Make an informed choice to pick skincare products that have essential oils and botanical extracts. Himalaya FOR MOMS, for instance, has created herbal products especially for moms and moms-to-be. These have been formulated after studying the quality and efficacy of over 10,000 herbs. These natural products are safe to apply topically during pregnancy and in the postpartum stage.

    5. Remember this - "beauty is inside out!" So take out time to nourish yourself (and your soul), before you even think of nourishing your skin. Here are couple of ideas:

    Yoga / Zumba / Meditation / Weight Training / Pilates: Pick up any one exercise form that suits you, and take out at least 5-10 minutes a day for yourself.

    Read a book / listen to an audio / watch an inspiring video: Take out couple of minutes every day to feel inspired! Even if it means listening to an audio book while cooking or breastfeeding your child. You deserve that time to feel worthy, happy and inspired!

    Eat healthy: Start your day with a high protein smoothie (mix some fruits with milk and a scoop of protein powder). Munch on dry fruits or a plate of cut fruits, a brown bread sandwich, sprouts bhel, etc. when you get those hunger pangs!

    Now that we have some idea on the skincare goals, let's talk about some common mistakes we moms make in taking care of our skin:

    Ignoring body skin care

    I mean, we moms do not have time to take care of our facial skin, let alone body! But whenever you get a chance, be sure to indulge in relaxing massage oils or hydrate your skin with body butters. It is an instant boost for your skin (and mood) and you do not have to go to a spa and spend two hours (and several rupees!). You should try the Body Butter recently launched by Himalaya. It comes in three uplifting fragrances - Rose, Lavender, and Jasmine. Their Toning Massage Oil is also excellent for preventing sagging skin and improving blood circulation.

    Not cleaning bacteria-causing household items

    Believe it or not but your cell phone, cushion covers, bedsheets, etc. harbor a lot of bacteria. And these can easily infect your skin (which might result in breakouts). So ensure you sanitize / wipe your cell phone weekly and wash the pillow covers / bedsheets weekly, too (or as and when they get dirty).

    Ditching sunscreen (especially during rainy days!)

    Make sure to wear sunscreen 365 days a year, 7 days a week even though you might not step outside.

    Not cleansing or removing make-up at night

    You are so tired out at the end of the day, running behind your kids and finishing chores. Many moms forget to cleanse their skin before bed time. This might clog your pores and lead to breakouts or sensitized skin.

    I hope this article gave you some basic ideas about skin-care. As busy moms, we don't have a lot of time to spend in taking care of our skin. But just ensure you devote a few minutes every day to take care of your health inside out. Your baby demands a happy and healthy mom!

    Here is wishing you all a healthy skin and body!

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