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    I’m Sharing 7 Useful Tips That Always Comfort My Baby When All Else Fails
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    Ekta Chawla
    ForVicks Babyrub , 
    I am from Chennai, India. Founder Of ConfusedParent - one of the leading Parenting Communities in India.
    Comfort baby
    19 January 2018

    I’m Sharing 7 Useful Tips That Always Comfort My Baby When All Else Fails

    4 mins read
    Sleep Concerns
    for Baby
    145.9K engaged
    About Vicks Babyrub
    Nothing upsets mothers more than seeing their babies restless and fussy. That's why we partnered with Vicks Babyrub to help you gently soothe your little one.
    Dealing with a fussy and restless baby has always been a challenging task, even for the self-proclaimed “SUPER MOM”. Babies often get restless during illness, change in routine, nap times, or even due to over stimulation during the day.


    When my baby experienced these problems, I tried GrandMa's natural medications like ginger, honey, cinnamon, pepper and tulsi. However, it is a daunting task to get your little one to consume all of these. A 'Bad Mom' instantly becomes a 'Monster Mom' if she tries to force her baby!

    Situations When Babies Get Restless & Demand Comfort
    1) Sleepless nights
    Every mother must have experienced times when your child incessantly cries through the night & getting your baby to sleep becomes really taxing. Soothing my 8-month old daughter to sleep honed my dormant skills like singing lullabies & rhymes (which I hadn't for at least 2 decades), and walking like a zombie from 1am until dawn trying to gently swing, cuddle & pacify her even when I was frustrated due to extreme fatigue. (Wish I were partying & dancing all night to some good 90s music!)

    2) Loss of appetite
    Babies also experience appetite problems from time to time, when the intake of food nosedives to half & and a mom's pressure soars to double. Calming a fussy baby to eat a morsel of breakfast becomes a herculean task. My daughter sometimes got clingy & refused to eat solids. You are blessed if you are still breast-feeding your child, because that comforts the baby.

    3) Dehydration
    Fever often causes dehydration. Body temperature fluctuates. I try to double up consumption of water and other liquids to flush out the toxins & battle the infection faster.

    4) Season change
    Winters are probably not the best season for me & my baby because the changing season so often leads to illness and restlessness! Plus, with the rise in pollution & adulterated food, children these days are very susceptible to viral infections.
    So, I'm Sharing 7 Useful Tips That Always Comfort My Baby When All Else Fails

    1) Warm Bath & Massage: A warm-water bath with a gentle massage (from 4 months onwards) helped me set a routine, saved me from tension & saved time spent to get my baby to sleep.

    2) Favourite Book: It's never too early to introduce the habit of reading. My child loves this book called 'Pepper brushes his teeth'. When everything fails, this works wonders.

    3) Soothing Music: Soothing a new born baby during cold or colic may become simpler if you play tranquilizing music that can comfort him/her to sleep. I sing Hanuman Chalisa to her every night. You can croon a lullaby or play a slow (relaxing) song of your choice like 'Hush Little Baby' or 'Rock-A-Bye Baby'.

    4) Right Room Temperature: Good sleep resonates with the environment. Just like how your baby was comfortable in your womb at the right (warm) temperature, ensure your baby is cozy & warm under the quilt.

    5) Apply Vicks BabyRub: To relieve discomfort, you can also apply Vicks BabyRub. Vicks has introduced new product called Vicks BabyRub which is suitable for babies 3 months+. It contains naturally moisturizing, soothing and relaxing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, and fragrances of Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Lavender, and is very safe for application on the child's mild skin. You can apply a dab of Vicks BabyRub on the baby's feet, chest, back and neck, and a kiss to go on the nose. Together with your loving touch, the calming scent can help make your baby relaxed. Do remember to cover the areas of application to avoid accidental ingestion or slipping while walking.

    6) Jaadu Ki Jhappi: What works better than a Mom's Hug? As if we need reasons to cuddle our little angels! Shower all the love & more when your little one is unwell. Those cuddles & kisses will only add more warmth & help your baby recover quickly!

    7) Breastfeed: I consider myself blessed because I could feed my baby even beyond 12 months. If you are breast-feeding your baby, he/she will want to nurse more often during a cold or fever as it comforts the baby when he/she is in pain.

    Note: Be sure that if you are giving any medicines to your baby, they are only under the paediatrician's supervision. All of us aren't doctors, are we? Make sure you read the labels and use only as directed.

    Of all the milestones my daughter achieved in her first year, some were heartbreaking, such as her first cough, cold or fever or when she accidentally popped in bindi from her Dadi's vanity box. But as moms, it is important that we do not press the panic button. There are other parents in this turbulent boat & we will be your infinite skeleton of support.

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