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    I'll Be Honest - I Hated These Things About My Post-Baby Appearance
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    Yamini Singh
    ForBaby Dove, 
    I am from Navi Mumbai, India. A book nerd who ended up marrying the pen friend from the faraway land..well, 'cause he had great writing skills. Then the minions made an entry. Ten years and two minions later, we are still adding chapters to the book of learning called ''Parenting''. Beware, parenting is not only about cute onesies and pink tutus only. It is also puke soaked laundry and poop smeared walls. This blog is an effort to give you grimy truth, sweet tearjerkers and the comic reality about parenting and what comes along. Welcome to the sweet mess.
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    01 March 2017

    I'll Be Honest - I Hated These Things About My Post-Baby Appearance

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    About Baby Dove
    When it comes to being a mother, there is no right or wrong way - only your way! This is why we partnered with Baby Dove to bring your baby superior skincare aligned to your instincts as a mother.
    I had a hard time conceiving my first baby. Went through all the shenanigans of repeated doctor visits, lab visits, mountains of pills and rivers of injections! So finally when the li’l one made an appearance, I mentally promised him all the goodness a mother can give. Like all new moms, my life revolved around my little prince’s routine. His feed time, bath time, nap time ruled my life. One day however, I got the jolt of my life and realized how much I was ignoring myself.


    We went to a nearby mall. And as any trip that includes a baby goes, I was armed with baby gear and baby supplies in case of any…erm… incident. One look in one of the mirrors in a departmental store and I was like….what the hell! I was comfortably dressed in a lose salwar kurta, flat chappals, was carrying a gigantic diaper bag, my own bag AND my baby!

    Nobody tells you that even after the baby pops out, the tummy stays. It stays like a faithful old lover. I had dark circles, frizzy hair, dull skin and facial hair that would put hairy biker-boys to shame! All the images of yummy mommies like Malaika, Mandira and Shilpa Shetty flashed before my eyes. Nowadays, the pressure to look like you were on a spa holiday instead of grunting and gnawing while a human being is pulled out from your insides, during pregnancy is so much in vogue. You should come out from the birthing chambers as if you just had a Swedish massage or something!

    The pressure is immense.

    Everywhere you look, you’ll see classes for pre-natal yoga, breathing exercises, and sometimes weirdest of practices that you can think of. Once I read that dads should put on a fake breast and try to develop the ‘’connect’’ with babies by feeding them with that fake breast. Whatever happened to the good old dad teaching his kids to cycle? So let’s take a deep breath and understand that while staying fit is all good post-pregnancy or otherwise, we must also understand that having a baby is a life changing experience in its own. Your body will definitely not be the same EVER AGAIN. But isn’t the bargain worth it?


    I mean I was worried about my clothes not fitting anymore, the sagging breasts, stretch marks, hair that looked uncombed all the time but hey, I was also the happiest that I could have ever been! I had this little person with me who was all mine and that made me a completely different person. Yes, women are becoming more and more aware of their appearances and there’s immense pressure on everyone to be at their groomed best at all times. However, we should NEVER forget that beauty is skin deep. What remains in the long run is how well you raised your little person and not how well manicured your nails were (anyways, well-manicured nails and baby care don’t go together haha!).

    Recently, I came across Baby Dove’s philosophy while doing some shopping for my baby – I really liked it! It says, “There are no perfect mothers, only real ones.” How true is that! I mean, as they say, there is no right or wrong way to be a mother, but all of us moms try to give our best when it comes to raising our babies. And isn’t that the right approach? I was really glad that brands like Baby Dove are reassuring moms to trust their instincts. After all, only a mom knows what’s best for her child.

    In my opinion, stay fit because you will require a fit body to take good care of your baby but at the same time, don’t be obsessed with your looks all the time so much so that it starts hindering with your prime task and that is taking care of the baby – remember you enrolled for it willingly! Three cheers to us real moms, warts and all!

     Baby Dove believes that there is no right or wrong way to be a mom because there’s no such thing as a perfect mom – just real moms, doing it their way. Mothers instinctively know what’s best for their child and Baby Dove is here to reassure moms to trust their way!

    The newly launched Baby Dove range of products is now available on To know more about Baby Dove, click here.

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