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    I Thought I'd Never Get My Pre-Pregnancy Body Back. These 10 Tips Made It Happen
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    Sonal Sinha
    I am from Vadodara, India. Senior manager- Business development & a mom of 23 months old beautiful baby girl “Samayra”. I am a voracious reader and blogger. Exploring my life’s new phase and so here I am to share my experiences.
    weight loss after C-section
    24 May 2017

    I Thought I'd Never Get My Pre-Pregnancy Body Back. These 10 Tips Made It Happen

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    Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in our body. As my pregnancy was proceeding, I was happy to see my baby’s development. But at the same time, hormones were also playing their part and my skin color was getting duller by each passing day. In my sixth month, I was shocked to see blackening around my neck too! Thanks to my crazy hormones, looking into the mirror was a pain. There were people around me telling me that it will go after delivery. But many were of the opinion that after pregnancy, you can NEVER be the same as before...


    Then finally, the D day arrived. I had a beautiful, cute daughter in my arms, via C-section. I was waiting eagerly for my hormones to get back to their normal level again. 

    One month passed but things were unchanged - apart from my weight, which reduced a little. From the second month, there was reduction in my neck blackening, and I was pretty excited for other changes.

    But the fourth month came and my skin was the same - dull and dark. And as an add-on, I started losing my hair. Worse - my weight machine showed an increase of around 4-5 kg! Now that was the biggest shock... to see my weight increasing after 4 months when I was no more pregnant!

    Again I had my well wishers around me, telling me about their C-section experiences and 'fatty body' even after 4-5 years. They asked me to forget about weight reduction and skin and complexion as before. I was highly demotivated and left the thought of reducing my weight or getting my old skin back. I was also dealing with back pain and leg pain daily.

    How I Started Getting Back In Shape Post Pregnancy

    It was around 5 months when my hubby decided to take me out of this mind set.  We started brisk walking daily for 30-40 minutes. And guess what- I started reducing weight! The pain in my legs and back reduced too!

    I also started home remedies for my skin and hair, and yes, I saw improvements within months. After 1 year, I resumed gym and playing badminton daily.

    Today my daughter is 18 months old and I have reduced my weight considerably. But I still have to go a long way. I deal with back pain or leg pain occasionally even now, so the fitness journey is ongoing for me.

    10 Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips That Worked For Me

    All the mommies out there who are like me and have given up with their body and skin - I would like to list out a few points for you. I hope they will help you as you start with your journey to get back your previous self again. They worked for me :)

    1. Ignore Negative People & 'Advice'

    Avoid all the well wishers (or stay as far as possible from them) who quote their experiences of not reducing weight and try to put all your efforts down the drain.

    2. Brisk Walk Every Day

    Do brisk walking daily for 30-40 minutes. Start by 10-15 minutes walk then gradually keep on increasing time.


    3. Do Light Exercise/Yoga

    Do light exercises or yoga after 3-4 months of delivery. Do consult your doctor before starting.

    4. Stick To a Food & Calories Routine

    Have a food routine and count calories. I am not telling you

    to avoid your cravings completely. Just be a little strict.  Try to walk for 10 minutes more the day you indulge.

    5. Increase Water & Fruits Intake

    Drink a lot of water, milk and fruit juices. Or, just eat a lot fruits.

    6. Use Home Remedies For Hair & Skin

    Try doing home remedies for your skin and hair as they have early results with no side effects.

    [You can try these:

    11 Excellent Home Remedies To Revitalise Your Scalp & Stop Post-Delivery Hair Loss

    8 Home Remedies To Tighten Loose Skin After Delivery – At No Extra Cost!]

    7. Nap As Much As Possible

    Try to take naps with your baby whenever he sleeps, as getting proper sleep is the most important thing for your body.

    8. NEVER Diet

    A big NO to dieting as this may lead to increase in weight and not decrease! And also remember - your breastfeeding baby requires all the nutrients so don’t try to skip them from your diet.

    9. Watch Motivational Videos

    Try to watch motivational videos of women's weight reduction after pregnancy as it will definitely boost your confidence whenever you feel low.

    10. Have Patience & Be Positive

    And the most important thing - try to be positive and have patience. God has given us such a beautiful gift in the form of a baby. Its okay if it takes time to be in shape again; all good things take time. Even your beautiful bundle of joy took 9 months to arrive, so your body needs time too!

    Trust me, we can reduce weight after delivery. It’s just that we don’t get time with baby to exercise or have a proper food routine, and we blame it all on our C-section. Instead of blaming C-section or listening to demotivating advice from others, it's important to take these little steps for ourselves and we will definitely get back in shape again.

    Start your routine from today and see the happy you! Do tell me in the comments if you have any more tips to get back in shape after a C-section delivery. :)

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