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    18 March 2017

    I Have Strict Rules For Everyone Who Wants to Touch My Baby, Never Mind Who

    Jiya B
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    I am from New Delhi, India. I am a full-time mother . Professionally I am a work from home Freelancer committed towards my work and ventures and making full utilization of my education. I love being a mother at the first place most importantly. Yet, I similarly love my work too this gives me a feeling of fulfillment. I love writing and sharing my ideas and journey of motherhood. You can follow me on,
    The announcement of a baby's arrival brings so much joy, happiness, love and affection in the air! In the Indian family system, we always welcome our relatives, extended family and even neighbours to share this moment of happiness with them. But with every touch of your family members, relatives, friends, and neighbours, comes a big danger for the newborn: the danger of infection and germs. This thought was always there in my mind since my baby's birth...


    Once the baby arrives, many people come to visit and welcome the baby. There are kids too, coming along with their parents, and trying to touch and play with the baby. All this is something that makes you and your baby feel special. BUT -

    What if someone sneezes and then goes on to touch your baby?

    What if someone is eating a samosa one minute and is now holding your baby and kissing him?


    All these thoughts kept me worried for quite some time after my baby's birth. But what could I do? I never wished to make others feel offended by setting up rules to touch my baby, but I could not afford to risk his health either. I discussed my state of worry with my husband. And I was happy to see that he completely supported my thought and helped me in deciding as well as implementing some strict rules for all guests and family members.

    With his help, I defined these rules for everyone who wants to touch my baby, never mind who. These rules are not intended to offend or stop anyone from expressing their love toward my baby. These rules are to safeguard his health and keep him safe.

    1. Sanitize Before You Touch My Baby

    I always insist and confirm this with whoever comes to visit and is about to touch my baby. They must sanitise both their hands properly to kill any germs.

    To be honest, sometimes I did feel that some of my friends felt offended. Once, an aunty, a very close relation of ours, even commented: "As if I have not raised kids!" Well, my intention was clear and did not change. This was necessary protection for safeguarding my baby from germs.

    Tip:  Always keep the sanitizer pump near the baby's crib so that it's convenient and confirmed that everyone sanitizes their hand in front of you.

    2. No Smoker or Tobacco-Consuming Person May Touch My Baby

    This is my strong opinion: I don’t allow anyone who consumes/smokes tobacco to touch my infant. Babies are just too tiny and delicate - why should they smell the smoke and tobacco from someone's mouth and hands? Also, tobacco causes cancer and I am paranoid about exposing my little one to anything that can cause him harm.

    Advice: Always keep the baby as close as possible to you and if someone tries to touch your baby without your permission, just refuse with boldness.

    3. No Toddler or Young Kids Are Allowed To Touch

    I know this may come across as harsh. However, it is true that kids carry a lot of germs along with them! They go and touch a thousand things with their hands when they play outside or even in the house. Newborn babies have very less immunity towards germs and harmful bacteria. This is why I would advise you to keep toddlers and small kids away from the young baby.

    Please remember that this is not about discriminating against children; all kids should be equally loved. I am sure toddlers love babies. But this is a question of the baby's safety.

    Advice: Most of the time, family members and friends will call you first before coming to your place. Request them to not bring kids along, if possible. If it is totally unavoidable, make sure they sanitize hands before touching the baby.


    4. No Touching If You Have a Cold and Cough

    I do not let anyone touch my baby if they have a cold or if they are coughing. The reason is simple. With coughing and sneezing, the germs and even influenza-causing viruses can spread in the air. Since the baby's immune system is very weak now, he can easily fall prey to cold and cough.

    Tip: Implementation of this rule becomes difficult at times if your family member is suffering from viral. Hence, I keep disposable masks available, along with the sanitizer pump.

    5. No Touching After Consuming Eatables

    Most of the visitors prefer having tea and snacks first and then they come and meet the baby. I made this clear to all that if anyone wishes to meet the baby, they should come see the baby first. Post that, they can sit and have eatables. Allowing people to touch the baby after they have eaten can spread food particles to the baby's face and skin. Sometimes, saliva or other germs from the person's body may also spread, especially if they kiss the baby too.

    Advice: Be strict and always seek help and support from your partner. It really helped in my case.

    6. Kissing The Baby Is Not Allowed

    I never let anyone kiss my baby when he was little. Many people like to kiss the baby on the cheeks or the forehead. While this is only to express their love, kissing babies, especially around the mouth, can cause the spread of herpes-causing virus. It can cause severe infections in little babies.

    Tip: Under no circumstance should you let anyone kiss your baby on or around the lips.

    Read More: What If We Told You Kissing Can Make Your Baby Sick? It's True!

    7. Do Not Take Pictures While Touching

    Finally, I never let anyone take pictures of my newborn, while they touched and cuddled up to him. This is important for two reasons. First, clicking pictures especially with the camera-flash on can permanently damage their eyes. And second, you never know who may go ahead and share pictures on the internet. It is best to regulate this strictly to protect your baby from cyber safety hazards.

    In our family system, it is not very easy to implement these rules and keep everyone happy at the same time. As a mom, I just try to be nice to every single person who comes to bless my love bundle. But yes, I never welcome criticism about my parenting style or anything else to do with my baby. It will just take away your peace of mind and you may even develop depression in the long run. For a mom, I believe there is just one thing we should remember: the baby is priority and above everyone else, no matter who.

    I hope these tips will help you look after your baby when visitors come to see the little one next time. Do let me know if you have some other rules we should follow when our baby meets guests.

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