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    I Got Back to My Pre-Pregnancy Weight Just By Doing These 4 Things At Home
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    Ramya Sheshadri
    I am from Bengaluru, India. Hi all, this is Ramya and trying to fit in my new role as Mom to my little one Aarti. Now that I am a mom I have started to appreciate and value my relationship with my mom better than earlier. I was working full time however now on sabbatical. I like to read and whenever I find time and feel like I tend to pen down my thoughts. I have joined this site to learn and know about new age mom.
    how to lose post pregnancy weight
    14 February 2017

    I Got Back to My Pre-Pregnancy Weight Just By Doing These 4 Things At Home

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    Getting back to our pre-pregnancy weight is a dream for most of us. But it is a dream that came true for me, that too with the help of 4 very simple things I did at home! I am sharing with you today the best things which worked for me in getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and body after delivery.


    When people see me now, the first question I am always asked is:

    "How did you manage to do it? You are back to your old self - no sign of any post delivery weight!"

    Yes, I have been lucky enough to lose a lot of the extra weight and have also regained my pre-pregnancy flat tummy. At times, my well wishers also comment on how lean I look these days and that "I should actually put on some weight"!

    I am sure every woman in her heart of hearts would want to be back in shape, be her old self and continue to look youthful even after the delivery. It is a big challenge for us as post-pregnancy weight can be very adamant. But the good news is that there are a few things you can do AT HOME that can show miraculous results!

    These are the four things I did to get back to shape and they really worked wonders for me, simple as they may seem to be:

    #1: Breastfeed for as long as possible

    The biggest benefit of breast-feeding, apart from how beneficial it is for the baby, is that is you lose weight! I will admit very honestly that the main reason for me to lose most of my pregnancy weight is through breastfeeding. Even now I continue to breastfeed my 22-month-old little one. This definitely helps in reducing the tummy fat and shrinks the uterus to its original shape.

    An Unexpected Reason You Aren't Losing Post Pregnancy Weight and 12 Ways To Fix It

    #2: Adopt these three practices in the household

    Second, I made sure I led an active life. And no, I don't mean exercise at the gym, but I did these 3 things right at home (they involve my baby too!):

    -- I never employed a full time help to take care of our little one and did most of the household chores myself. The running around I get to do because of our little one definitely helped me in losing the weight in my lower body. Kids are bundle of energy and if we adopt to their style of living they can definitely make you leaner faster!

    -- Now that my baby is older, I never insist my daughter should sit at one place and eat her food. Especially while having main course, just after eating a few morsels, she starts moving around the house. I go behind her or take her around the house to make her eat. Trust me, all the running I got to do during meal times is an amazing workout for my legs and arms!

    -- I never gave my baby a mobile phone just to keep her entertained and stop her from running around the house. I have come across instances of mothers and care givers thrusting the mobile phone in their kids hand or to make them sit at one place while making them to eat. The kids may eat their food, however, the downside to it is that firstly, kids will never know enjoy and relish the food they are eating and have no clue as to what they are eating.  Secondly, by sitting at one place you don’t get to do any work outs and you will miss out on a great workout opportunity.


    #3: Use a no-diaper strategy at home

    Next up, another strategy I adopted to great results is to never use diapers for our little one during daytime  at home. So every time our little one relieves herself, no matter where I am, I will have to walk up to her  to clean and change her dress.

    So, these are the exercises I get just because of my child:

    -- all the walking around

    -- at times, jogging too, to reach her before she trips on her own susu

    -- bending

    -- squatting to sit for cleaning and changing my little ones pants

    They are all great workouts for the abdomen, thighs and legs! When you get to repeat this  routine at least fifteen times in a day, invariably you will get to burn lot of accumulated calories.

    As women, we tend to put on post delivery weight mainly in our abdomen, thighs and arms. I have noticed that in every stage of our kids' life, the associated activities in taking care of our little ones makes us lose weight. The associated cleaning and washing work related with the above activity, for instance, also helps in giving us a good workout which in turn helps to lose weight!

    #4: Take a lesson from our mothers and grandmothers

    Finally, have you realized one thing - our mothers and grandmothers, even after having 2 to 3 kids, were able to get back in shape to their original self without any extra effort on their part? Why?

    They basically never bothered too much about their weight or had issues with their body!

    If we, like our mothers and grandmothers, just leave it to mother nature to take its own course and not be conscious about our body image, we can definitely lose the weight we gain during our pregnancy days.

    So, these are the four simple and easy ways I got back to shape. Personally, from my own experience, I have seen that it takes more than a year for our body to get back to its original shape post delivery - completely. But the results start showing much sooner than that. For me, precisely after 19 months of our daughter's birth, I realized my tummy was back to its original self and shape.

    So ladies, don’t worry if you don’t get time to do exercise. Just try to adopt simple measures which can help in burning those accumulated calories and help you to get back in shape. If I could do it, so can you!

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    Deboshree Bhattacharjee
    Wow Ramya! That is truly an inspiring story! I am sure you have cheered many of us here struggling to lose the extra weight :)
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