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    How We Named Our Son
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    Vipasha Singh
    I am from Maharashtra, India. Part time professional, full time mommy!
    27 April 2018

    How We Named Our Son

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    My son's name is Arjun. Common, yet unique to my baby. But how we arrived at this name - well, that's a story which is neither common nor unique.


    For most parents, this is a journey that begins well before they even get pregnant. It's one of those Sunday chai pe charcha types of conversation that are somehow very romantic. For the likes of me, we would have thought of names for our kids when we were still kids. True for you or not, but, my ghar ghar play rules always had the name of my husband and my kid fixed as per my liking. 

    So, when my husband and I found out that we were pregnant, I immediately set out on a mission to think of a name for my son that is going to be one which was never heard off. And so, after nine months of brainstorming, numerous website browsing, countless family group chats, indefinite name suggestions from friends, we finally decided on naming our child - Diya, if it was a girl and, Aarav, if it was a boy.

    And then we ended up naming our son ‘Arjun’. 

    I always wanted to keep a name which had a strong meaning. And my husband, well he just wanted to shoot down every suggestion I had. 

    His logic - “School main bohot mazak banegi yaar iski”.

    So, after months of discussions, some funny, some heated, we had finally come down to one name each for a boy and a girl. Diya, was my choice (since I liked the direct connect it had with my husband’s name - Chirag). And Aarav, was my hubby’s choice because he too should have a say. 

    In the last couple of days of my pregnancy, we went out to get groceries and it was at the billing counter that we heard at least a dozen moms call out their son, “Aaraav!” 

    A quick look at each other and we knew it cannot be Aarav. But hey! It was a deadline for us and with me in labour, we took a complete U-turn and picked out Arjun (a name I had first suggested) as the name for our child, if it was a boy. 

    We weren't very convinced, but the thought of not having a name already was more daunting than the idea of having a few more Arjun's around. Two hours later, I was holding Arjun in my arms. And somehow the name felt just right and so unique to the tiny little boy who laid eyes on me for the first time.

    It's been two years since and I don't think we could have picked a better name for our son. And to add to our delight, Dove just stamped our happiness, our world with a personalized bottle of Baby Dove Lotion they sent us last week. It's a treasure for us, to keep with us forever. 

    This is my kids naming story... What's yours? Share in the comments below! And if you want your own personalised Baby Dove lotion bottle with your baby’s name on it, become a part of the #EveryBabyBeautiful initiative today -

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