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    How Our Twinnies Got Their Names
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    Janani Viswanathan
    I am from Salem, India. Hi, I am a Stay at home Mom of Twins | Ex-Software Professional | Blogger | Bookworm. In my leisure time when my kids are napping or are engrossed in any other stuff other than clinging around mommy, I write at my personal blog Twins and Me.I am also more excited about sharing my motherhood experience at the world of moms with all those incredible mommy friends here.
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    26 April 2018

    How Our Twinnies Got Their Names

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    "Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language" quoted Dale Carnegie. And that's very true. The way we call our dear ones flavours the incredible love and bond we share with them. Names carry a paramount importance in anyone's life. And when it comes to our kids, we want their names to be a reflection of who they are or who they will be in future.


    There are many things which define you as a person. It could be your character, activities, achievements, knowledge, skills, family and many more. Blending all these factors is your personality which is identified, defined and related to your name. Your name not only gives an identity but also a personal meaning. No matter what changes you go through in your life, your name will stick with you until the end, unless you decide to change it for some good reason.

    So as a parent, we take utmost effort to give the most beautiful, extraordinary, unique and meaningful names to our children. The name which will bring happiness, pride and glory to our child. We want their names not only to sound lovely but bring more positivity and be a reflection of them.

    I guess all of you would have invested a lot of time to pick the best and right name for your child. Some may have initiated this journey even before your little one was born. There is surely some fascinating story behind every NAME. Today I am sharing how we ended up with these charming names for our twins.

    We didn't have choices for our kids' names when I was pregnant. We thought it would be a lot easier and perfect if we start choosing the names few months after they were born. This will give us the time to bond with them, try to discern their personality (I know it's too early, but an approximate prediction) so that the names will be more connected to them.

    Our twins were preemies who were born way too early and with very low birth weight. So the first one and half months they had to stay away from us in the NICU. They had to face a lot of struggles to catch up and grow like a normal baby. Every day was daring - filled with ups and downs in their growth, hope, trust, incredible love and teary eyes. We had many emotional and physical challenges going on that we almost forgot about finding a name for them. For nearly three months they were referred everywhere as Janani's Twin 1 and Twin 2.

    Slowly our little men slashed the barriers that were challenging them and got back to us. We were enjoying the long awaited bonding and their presence with us. Finally, once we started to settle, we commenced our adventure to find those ideal names for our little fighters.

    Twin 1 was a colicky baby and had to tussle to cope up with the feedings and gain weight. When he used to cry non-stop due to that intolerable colic pain, we were helpless because we didn't know how to console him. He grew up crashing all the hurdles and we felt he was entitled to do great things. We wished to bring that greatness in his identity and hence, we chose the name 'MAHANTH' meaning 'great'.

    Twin 2 was very graceful and elegant right from the birth. Like his twin brother, he too had to face many obstacles which were hindering his growth. But he was more delicate and handled them in his own style. When he was around three months old, he was running a very high temperature, but there was no crankiness or crying. All he would do is lay down tired and look around or sleep. He was so soft natured and we decided to bring that softness to reflect in his name. Thus he was called 'MRITHUL' meaning 'soft'.

    Right from their birth, our princes have been showing their greatness and softness in every aspect of their life and we wish it continues forever.

    So this is the short story of how we named our little men. I wonder why I didn't share this name story before. The credit, of course, goes to Baby Dove and World of Moms for kindling our beautiful memories now and celebrating our kids' names in a unique way. The recent surprise gift from them has made our kids' names more special and memorable.

    Now it's your turn. I would love to know the story behind your little one's name. You can share it in the comments. Let's celebrate this precious memory and spread the love with #MyBabyDove and #WorldOfMoms.

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