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    How Body Massage Helped Me Regain My Strength After Delivery
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    Syeda Fatima
    ForHimalaya , 
    I am from Hyderabad, India. Hello mommies! I am a mommy blogger from Hyderabad, who likes to keep busy and productive. I have been divorced after a 6.5 yr marriage, and now married to my lovely husband. We welcomes our baby boy in Feb 2017! Follow me @hyderabadimom on twitter and facebook and read up my blog! I believe there's no limit to a womans potential, especially when she's a mother on a mission! I hope you like my posts! Happy reading!
    05 September 2016

    How Body Massage Helped Me Regain My Strength After Delivery

    3 mins read
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    About Himalaya
    Pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on your skin, making it dry and uncomfortable for both you and your precious little one. This is why we partnered with Himalaya to help you both get the best care straight from nature's lap.
    It's been 6 years since my daughter was born. And every time I look back at the good and bad I think of the right decisions. We make many as new parents, not just for our kid but also for ourselves. For me the best decision was to get body massage post-delivery.


    What I have noticed is as mothers we push ourselves down in the list of priorities to the point where we don't even give ourselves the respect of existence. Whether you deliver naturally or through a C-Section, the whole pregnancy period and the delivery take a toll on our bodies that we can't even explain to anyone. Not prioritizing our well-being will not only affect us but it will also affect our new bundle of joy.

    My postpartum massage helped me strengthen my muscles, reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, feel pampered, and gave me some form of relaxation. I noticed better sleep, a more relaxed mind-set, and less anxiety. This is why I used to take a nap right after my massage, and then shower. This would help the massage oil to seep into my skin and work its magic. I remember having the massage for a good two months or so, and following that I got them done whenever I felt tired, or just wanted relax.


    Back then, I used regular olive oil. But I would often wish I had a natural product I could apply without worrying about side effects. I simply love using natural products on my skin, and especially during pregnancy and postpartum, you want to be really safe. After all, you're constantly in contact with your delicate new-born, and therefore, your skin shouldn't come in contact with any harsh chemicals.

    For my daughter, I have always used products from Himalaya. This is partly why I am super excited about Himalaya FOR MOMS, especially their new toning massage oil and soothing body butter. These have been formulated on the principles of natural healing and aromatherapy and help strengthen as well as hydrate the skin. The body butter, which comes in the flavours of rose, lavender and jasmine, can be particularly uplifting after a massage.

    Since my last delivery, I have told every new mom to not skip massage. I know friends who did, thinking if it's not going to benefit in weight loss then it's not worth it. However, a new mother’s biggest worry shouldn’t be weight loss. Our overall health and sanity is of utmost importance. Even if it is your second delivery, just give yourself the credit for going through what you did, and don't feel bad for taking out some time for yourself each day.

    Nature has gifted us means to get better sleep, have a relaxed body and mind, and also ease stress. Soak in the delights of the natural world and remember, if you are healthy and relaxed, your baby will also benefit from it!

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