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    Happy Father's Day, Mom
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    Swati Verma shrivastav
    I am from Pune, India. I am an author and I am working as Development Editor with a publication house. I have also taught kids both in India and abroad and that has helped me a lot in creating stories for kids. I try to spread awareness in kids regarding issues like body image, consent, good touch and bad touch, cyber safety and child labour by means of my stories. I am a blogger as well and enjoy every part of it. The best thing in my life is motherhood. I have a lovely daughter who is my little ray of sunshine.
    18 June 2015

    Happy Father's Day, Mom

    2 mins read
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    With all those testimonials and letters to Dads we completely forgot to wish those mothers who are twice stronger than us, who are twice as responsible as us and who have the right to celebrate twice a year, both on mother's day and father's day.


    I was busy reading some of the father's day contest contribution when I realised that I totally forgot about some of us who are performing two roles, mothers who are not supported by their husbands, mothers who are both a father and a mother to their child, mothers who go to office and come back to be with the child, mothers who craddle the crying baby alone.

    I wish all those mothers a very very happy father's day. I wish that their strength and courage inspire many others, I wish that when their kids grow up they realise how strong and efficient their mothers are.

    Sure this is father's day but who said only a man can be a father, a woman who single handedly takes care of her baby is both a mother and a father. I have come across many women who are either separated or still living with their husbands but just for namesake.

    And believe me that I have nothing but immense respect for them. There is nothing but lessons to learn on how to be strong and independent and how to let the world know the strength of a mother.
    To all such strong single mommies.... wish you all a very happy father's day.

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    Comments (2)

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    Swati Verma shrivastav
    Thank you Kanu Priya... and a very Happy Father's Day, have loads of fun with your baby. One of my friends is also a single mother and she is an inspiration for being strong, confident and free... at the same time I know there are some feelings hidden that she hardly lets anyone see. hugs for your baby :)
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    Kanu Priya
    You have put the thought very appropriately. I agree and can relate to the pain and the joy that comes simultenuosly in bringing up a child alone. :)
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