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    Giving Up Work.... Only For The Baby! Stop Labelling Us!
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    Swati Verma shrivastav
    I am from Pune, India. I am an author and I am working as Development Editor with a publication house. I have also taught kids both in India and abroad and that has helped me a lot in creating stories for kids. I try to spread awareness in kids regarding issues like body image, consent, good touch and bad touch, cyber safety and child labour by means of my stories. I am a blogger as well and enjoy every part of it. The best thing in my life is motherhood. I have a lovely daughter who is my little ray of sunshine.
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    06 August 2015

    Giving Up Work.... Only For The Baby! Stop Labelling Us!

    3 mins read
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    We Moms know that at some point in our lives we have to give up our work and we are more than happy to do that for our kids. To others it is only giving up work for some time or forever but to us it is a lot more.


    When we become a Mom we realize our responsibility. In fact, it is not just the responsibility but something that we truly want to do, something that we love to do. Without even thinking twice about our work, we quit, or try to find a way so that we are able to be there for our baby. If the circumstances are such that we are working full time our heart and soul are  always there with our baby.

    No complains, no regrets... this is a voluntary decision and we don't become very special for doing this for our baby. Our baby is anyday worth more than any of these things. But we do need a little empathy, a little more understanding...

    Here are a few things people around us casually say that are really thoughtless!

    'Nahin ye toh ab kaam nahi kar rahi hai, ghar per hi rehti hai, bacche ko bhi toh zaroorat hai'

    Honestly, I virtually punch those people in my mind.

    'Kya farak padta hai, bachcha school jaane lagega tab phir se kaam shuru kar lena'...

    As if companies out there are waiting for us to start and will give us the position that we left. So let me tell you, we will have to start all over again. Yes, we do it once when we get married, and again when the baby is born. We start again and again and again. Therefore, we expect people around us to respect the fact that we gave up not just a job, but a dream that we live for our entire lives. We study hard for this position, work even harder to perform better than a lot more people to reach there.


    For our baby, yes, we would not even think twice before giving up everything but that does not mean that people around us can take us for granted or simply ignore the fact that we are also individuals with some dreams and aspirations...

    'Teaching job achchi hai... kaam bhi ho jata hai or bachcche k saath bhi reh sakte hain'

    Can you please keep your advice to yourself? We know what we have to do for our baby and we know how we can manage our time.

    'Kaam karo per usmein itna involve mat ho jao' ...

    Excuse me! How can you work without dedication? Just go to office like a lifeless being just for the sake of getting salary? NO! We don't work like that.

    A mother gives up her career and dream just for her baby and it is important for the people around her to make her feel that they respect the decision she has taken because here she is definitely the bigger person.

    Everything that we happily give up is because we want to be with our baby. We want to play with our baby, we want to be there when our baby learns to walk or talk. And NO, we mothers, do not judge other moms who are working because we know that every mother loves her baby as much as other moms do.

    Working, not working, stay-at-home, work-from-home. Stop giving us labels. We are MOMS! Moms who love their babies beyond limits.

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    Comments (8)

    profile pic
    Swati Verma shrivastav
    hahaha... nice one Siddhi.... :p
    profile pic
    Siddhi Dholakia
    True Swati... Now a days.. people just come and throw comments... Abhi teri beti badi ho jae gii.. phir apna kaam shuroo karna.. as if when we resigned with a tag.. to take us back with higher post and rise in increment.
    profile pic
    Swati Verma shrivastav
    Thanks Divya... you are absolutely right and I totally agree with you... i don't understand why people think they have the right to judge a mom
    profile pic
    Divya Takyar
    So true Swati. Stay at Home is not as convenient as it sounds. Being a mother is a full time job and certainly more demanding than any other job and ofcourse more fulfilling too. Its high time that the society stops labelling mothers who give up their jobs just for the sake of their children. It is something to respect and not pass comments upon. Our society can be really casual in this aspect and hope that changes soon.
    profile pic
    Swati Verma shrivastav
    Shipra you are so right... I mean if a woman wants to be a teacher it should be her choice not every one's suggestion.. these so called well wishers want everything :/
    profile pic
    Swati Verma shrivastav
    THanks Tilottama, I am trying to give a little attention to my other baby :P as well <3
    profile pic
    Shipra Trivedi
    My sister in-law is in teaching profession and it's a Gov job. Still she is facing challenges with her daughters. Every one says the same line to her, 'Teaching job achchi hai... kaam bhi ho jata hai or bachcche k saath bhi reh sakte hain' . But I can see how she is managing job, home and her two daughters. Our lovely society wants mothers with some super natural powers so that she can do anything, everything with smile on her face :) ..
    profile pic
    Tilottama Chatterjee
    Hi Swati, nice post! And by the way, I like your new profile pic, but I miss Abitha with her sunglasses on!!
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