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    Five Reasons Motherhood Isn't A Woman's Most Important Job
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    Shweta Ganesh kumar
    I am from Kozhikode, India. Hi, I’m Shweta - a writer and travel/parenting columnist and a full-time hands on mother. In my former life, I was a television correspondent for CNN-IBN in India. In 2009, I became an expat and in 2011, an expat mother who continued to write and live and learn, More about my work as a writer- here It has not been easy balancing writing and motherhood, yet I've learnt on the job as most of us mothers do and I've been fortunate enough to have my life as a parent featured in magazines like 'Mother's World', 'Child Magazine', Venture magazine, Mom and Me Bloggers network and more. I am currently based in the Philippines with my husband and two kids under five who are growing up as third culture kids.
    18 October 2016

    Five Reasons Motherhood Isn't A Woman's Most Important Job

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    Yes, you read that headline right. I know you must be wondering what this post is doing on a parenting site and wondering whether this was written by a mother at all. To put your mind at ease, yes I am a mother. I am a full-time, work from home mother with two kids under the age of five. I also live outside India, far away from doting grandparents and I put in a lot of work to raise my kids. Yet nothing irks me more than when people casually remark that I might be working so hard, but I must be gloriously happy as being a mother is the most important job in the world. Well, I am here to tell you that it is not and here is why.


    1. Just because you labour at something, it doesn't make it your job

    Yes, we work hard as mothers. We do put our heart and soul into it, but that doesn't automatically give it the status of a job. We work with passion on a lot of things in life. We work on our marriage, on our friendships, on our relationships with our parents and in-laws and pets. We work with gusto and passion on our creative endeavors. But these don't become our jobs. Being a mother is an integral part of our identity, just like the other roles we play and is certainly not a job.

    2. Having a job implies earning a salary and vacation days.

    I get it. By calling 'motherhood' the most important job of all, you are trying to glorify my existence and choices as a mother. Yet, you are also hearkening to the days when women couldn't aspire to be anything other than a homemaker. You are completely ignoring that stay at home, full-time mothers are prone to depression, anxiety and full-fledged physical exhaustion which you might try to gloss over by saying that it's part of the job description. But might I remind you that you can choose to quit from other jobs with the same side effects, but you can't quit from motherhood and you certainly don't get paid either to stay or to take a break. Because in most cases, you were an active participant in this choice.


    3. What about child-free women?

    So, if I have the most important job in the world, what about the women who chose to pursue careers and remain child-free? Does this mean I get to wave my kids in the face of the next female doctor I meet saving patients, because 'oh lady, you might be saving lives. But I win because I created offspring and I have the best job in the world?' Come on now, people!

    4. What about fathers?

    So, now that I have the most important job in the world, I guess my husband can just quit. Because seriously what are fathers other than glorified baby-sitters. It's not like you need them around. We can all live on the golden dust that trickles down from the halo that I wear around the house as I go about my motherly duties.  

    5. It's not a job because no else wants it

    To be clear, I don't mean that no else wants to be a mother. What I mean is no else is busy polishing up their resume, listing their skills and whatever else job applicants do to get your job.

    No one else wants to wipe your kid's stinky butt. No one else wants to wake up at 3 am with a teething baby. No one else wants the heartache of seeing your child ill. You and your partner alone have the privilege and pain of dealing with your kids.

    At the end of the day, motherhood is a way of life and being a mother - be it by giving birth or adoption is something that shapes you and rewards you in unimaginable ways. Though it involves a lot of work and drudgery, it cannot be a job as the gains cannot be measured monetarily or in material terms.

    Let us not devalue motherhood as a competition or a career choice and let us just accept it for what it is - a choice of the heart. And for many, the most important choice they will make in their life.

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