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    Rwituja Gomes mookherjee
    I am from Bengaluru, India. I'm a SAHM, mental health counsellor, content writer and ardent life blogger. I'm associated with Viveka - Centre for Emotional Support as a counsellor and manage two blogs - Pottsandpan ( discusses marriage and relationships based on my own experiences of the institution while Firstflush ( is an outlet for the woman in me and my take on life. In my earlier avataar, I used to manage the Young Creative Entrepreneur Programme for the British Council in India and Sri Lanka as their Head of Creative Economy.
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    06 August 2015

    Facts of Life

    5 mins read
    for Toddlers
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    "Bachchen palna, #BachchonKaKhelNahin!”


    From amongst all of life’s hard realities, one that stands out is that 'bachchen palna, bachchon ka khel nahi!' (Read: bringing up children is no child's play!)

    Ideally one would have thought that from amongst all the mammals, a human baby would be the easiest to mould. But unfortunately, the human baby needs the most care and attention after birth.  It has to 'literally' be taught to survive. Yet as they grow, their intelligence shapes their understanding and for both, the parents and the child - life becomes a series of experimentations.

    Which brings me to another hard fact - while experimenting, you never win! But with maturity you only come to accept, to each his own.

    It was just yesterday...

    - that my daughter was happy just to watch Chota Bheem all day. Although he still remains her favourite character, today she's moved on to Mickey Mouse, Robinhood, Tenali Raman, Peppa Pig...

    - any colour that she saw was 'bu.' (read: blue). Today it has expanded to wanting a purple cake for her birthday...

    - she would prance around the house in shorts and T-shirts. Today, she wants to wear dresses, no matter what the occasion is...

    - she was super thrilled to get a pair of red Crocs. Today she has them in blue, green, purple, pink...

    - she preferred running out of the house without combing her hair. Today she has different coloured hair ties, clips, hair bands. She's also growing her hair because it would be easier to tie!

    It reminds me of yet another hard fact - 'wants' are the basic need of life! And the easiest way to satisfy wants today, is "online shopping!"

    For the longest time, apart from household goods, home decor, gift vouchers, etc. I never shopped online. And definitely not for clothes or shoes. I'm fat (there I said it!) and so finding clothes that fit is a fine art. I have to try on different brands and sizes to find the right fit. Simultaneously, often my weight fluctuates and so I cannot simply buy clothes off the rack of a particular size. Shoes, I must wear before buying. The one time I tried to buy online, I had to send it back twice as I was sent the wrong size! So understandably, online shopping for my daughter was never an option.

    I was introduced to Firstcry when she had her first ever concert in play-school. I was asked to buy a particular dress. Initially, I was taken aback since the school forwarded a link to the dress they wanted us to buy. All my life, growing up and participating in concerts, we got our clothes tailored by the school appointed tailor. In fact it was funny till I saw the dress she had to wear, I was glad. For one, it was too shiny and satiny for my personal liking. I would have never bought it on my own although I did change my mind when she wore it - she looked adorable. On hindsight, the school had made life simpler by doing all the hard work and sending the link and photograph. All I had to do was place the order. Interesting, how the rules of the game had changed.

    Going shopping with a toddler is a nightmare. Some people (including my husband) manage so well (how?!) while I suck at it. Personally, I hate window shopping and always prefer to go shopping with a list. Buy what you need and get out. Rarely do I go shopping just for the sake of it and if I do, then I select what fancies my eyes at first glance and buy it. Going shop to shop or comparing prices etc. is such a waste of time. Unfortunately, what was going to be a single purchase (read concert dress) landed up being much more. I bought home wear, sleep wear, socks, and vests - just on a whim! I found the entire exercise quite easy. The options were all there and if I wasn't sure what I wanted, I simply had to explore the site. And the best part, I didn't have to interact with interfering sales people following me around eager to help. I could select and deselect an item without having someone try to push the sale.

    While I was enjoying this experience, I was struck by yet another hard fact - online shopping is easy but deciding what to wear for a particular occasion is tough! This is aptly portrayed in the Firstcry advert for dresses.

    My daughter's cupboard is full of clothes, shoes, accessories - which is great but when it comes for us to go out (even if it is to go downstairs every evening to play) she can never decide what to wear. Earlier, I used to lay out the clothes I wanted her to wear but more and more each day, this is becoming a challenge. Our lady has now begun to inspect my choices, negate as necessary and wear exactly what she wants! Sometimes, she wants to wear a party dress to play in the park and jeans and t-shirt for a birthday party.
    I don't know if she defies me simply to push my buttons and see me squirm or uses her intelligence instead to be different and stand apart in a crowd!

    Whatever it maybe, online shopping is an easy way to indulge. And as I see my daughter growing up each day, I'm beginning to accept the ultimate hard fact - women, I tell you, are never satisfied!

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