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    Believe Me, These Absurd Breastfeeding Suggestions Came To Me From Real People
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    Jiya B
    I am from New Delhi, India. I am a full-time mother . Professionally I am a work from home Freelancer committed towards my work and ventures and making full utilization of my education. I love being a mother at the first place most importantly. Yet, I similarly love my work too this gives me a feeling of fulfillment. I love writing and sharing my ideas and journey of motherhood. You can follow me on,
    21 December 2016

    Believe Me, These Absurd Breastfeeding Suggestions Came To Me From Real People

    6 mins read
    for New Born
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    Astha was in the mall with her friend when her baby in the pram started crying. "Oh! Come on baby, let me feed you." Astha took the baby in her lap and was looking for a comfortable place to be seated. "Do you have a bottle with you?" her friend asked. Astha shook her head in denial. "Then you should go to the washroom for breastfeeding. There is no nursing room here nearby." said her friend. Astha could but stare, wondering how she should react...


    We live in the 21st century. There are infrastructural changes in cities, cyberspaces are coming up everywhere, and towns and villages are getting digitized. Still, when it comes to breastfeeding, which is the right of every baby, we have objections and absurd words for it, especially when women need to do this outside their homes!

    I have witnessed a large number of arguments and discussions regarding breastfeeding, and I feel terrible when these stupid statements come from real people. Very often, there is a woman who throws such unwelcome statements! I would like to discuss some of these here:

    1. Breastfeed your baby in the washroom

    Really? I would like to ask such people to kindly take their meal in the washroom and sit there and have it. Honestly, is it hygienic or even nice for a small baby to be punished by serving his his meal in the washroom? Is it cool? NO! I would definitely never do this for my baby and think it's a thoroughly disgusting suggestion.

    2. When you are going to the mall or a public building, breastfeed your baby in the car

    Why? Just because XYZ mall or public building never expected that mothers of small babies may need to visit such places for work purpose? Neither my baby nor his mom is comfortable nursing in the car. It may be time for these places to revise their policies instead!

    3. You had better cover up nicely!

    Let me first understand what you mean by covering up while breastfeeding and why it is important. Why should I suffocate my baby with a thick cover? Let's understand this better like this: do you have your lunch while covering yourself and your food with a thick blanket? No, right, then why should our babies be subjected to this?

    4. We need to leave by 1 PM. Feed your baby before we leave as it would be difficult to feed outside later - or stay back at home

    I feed my child every 2 hours. I am a work from home mom and staying at home is my choice to raise my kids like I want to.  But I am a human being and do feel like going out sometimes! Does being a mom mean I don’t have any freedom? Plus, what if my baby doesn't wish to have the feed now? Babies are mostly unpredictable and I want to tell such people that they don’t come with on and off buttons!

    5. "She breastfeeds to show off..."

    I have only one thing to say to these people: either you are not a mom or you are an insensitive person. I have many other ways I can use if I wish to show off. Right now I only think about the most important person in my life and that’s my baby.


    6. You are planning to go out? Better pump your milk and bring the bottle along 

    I understand that these people probably mean well. But what they probably do not know is how many pieces there are to clean in a breast pump! So, if I sit for pumping will you clean my house or help me for dishes? Pumping takes time and can be painful. And above all, what if my baby doesn't take the bottle at all?

    7. I get that breastfeeding is baby's right and a natural thing to do. So will you pee in public as well because that is natural too?

    How dumb of you comparing breastfeeding with peeing in the first place! Secondly, for peeing, every public place or building has washrooms as a mandatory requirement. So wouldn't it be far more sensible to realize how breastfeeding rooms are not always present in public places?

    8. Please do not feed in the park or school premises. Kids ask questions and we don’t want them to learn such nuisance so early

    OMG! If this is a 'nuisance' then this nuisance has happened to you too or you have done to your kids too! So, if kids see a mother nursing her child you must educate them that it's natural. It's important to educate your students or daughters that this happens with all babies. Tomorrow they will also nurse their kids when they become mothers.

    Likewise, teach your boys that the breast is not a sexual object - it's for feeding babies. Teach your kids to respect the human body and understand the importance of each organ. This will help them understand well and become a better human being.

    9. Don't feed your baby here. There are many adult males and they all will see your bare breast.

    So? It is their problem, not mine. Each responsible male adult should understand that it's my priority to feed my baby. Instead of just looking at me and taking sexual pleasure, they should respect the situation. We are educated adults, aren't we?

    10. You behave like illiterate beggars who sit on a roadside and feed their babies

    Again, all I want to say is that I appreciate those illiterate women who always think and keep their baby's needs as the priority. It’s the right of a baby to have breast milk and there is nothing shameful about it.

    I know what you must be thinking - why do we even have to answer these absurdities? Well, we need to answer back to make others understand that breastfeeding is the right of my baby and that they should keep their unwelcome suggestions away. Some people really need to understand the real meaning and importance of a woman's breasts -  their biological function instead of just treating and seeing them as a mere sexual object.

    As a society, let's be more sensitive and encouraging toward nursing mothers and give them the courage to breastfeed in public or in private. That day in the mall, Astha preferred to take a comfortable and peaceful corner for feeding. It was there that she fed her baby, and not in the washroom. She chose what she felt was right for her baby as that was her priority.

    This, I think, is what we all need to remember: our baby is priority. Enjoy being a Mom!

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    Comments (2)

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    Jiya B
    Sweta thank you so much
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    Sweta Patel
    Very truly and well written. Thank you to write this article. I also felt the same.but not get the enough time.
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