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    Beetroot Spinach Cutlets
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    Priya Shiva
    Guest Contributor, 
    I am from Bengaluru, India. I'm a mom of a naughty 4 year old boy and spend most of my time running behind him :-) .. Apart from being a mom, I'm a hard core foodie and passionate cook. I'm the author and editor of my food blog - Priya Kitchenette where I share my kitchen experiments. I love to explore with food ingredients and write about my experiences. I also write reviews about products which connect with my food philosophy.
    24 February 2016

    Beetroot Spinach Cutlets

    2 mins read
    Food & Nutrition
    for Moms, Planning, Pregnancy
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    Becoming a mother is the best thing that happened to me. Initially, I used to feel scared even at the thought of holding my baby, but, I gradually realized that it wasn't the only fear associated with being a mother. Rather, there are many bigger fears to handle and deal with.


    Every next step in parenting is accompanied with a doubt and anxiety. Whether the child is eating enough or not, whether he is growing properly or not and the list is endless. It makes me anxious even if my boy sneezes! But the best part is, parenting has always given me more strength everyday to deal with my fears and discover my strengths too.


    I, now, cherish motherhood!


    One of the biggest fears all moms face is a child's diet and food. We constantly try to ensure that our child eats nutritious food which helps his growth.

    So today, I’m sharing a snack recipe which my boy enjoys. These beetroot spinach cutlets are shallow fried using minimum oil and are a good way to make your child eat vegetables. 

    Serves - 4

    • Beetroot – 1 (nicely grated)
    • Spinach – 1 cup (chopped)
    • Onion – 1 (finely chopped)
    • Bread slices – 6
    • Coriander leaves – ½ cup (chopped)
    • Red chili powder – 1 tsp
    • Black pepper powder – 1 tsp
    • Bread crumbs – 1 cup
    • Corn flour – 2 tbsp
    • Salt to taste
    • Cooking Oil for shallow frying – 4 tbsp


    1. Dip the bread slices in water and squeeze them to drain the water completely.
    2. Add these bread slices in a mixing bowl and mash them nicely.
    3. Add 1 tsp oil in a frying pan and sauté all vegetables (spinach, beetroot, onion) for a few minutes.
    4. Add this sautéed vegetable in a mixing bowl along with coriander leaves, salt, red chili powder and black pepper, and mix well.
    5. Take a spoonful in your hand to form a lemon size ball. Flatten it to shape it like a disc.
    6. Add corn flour and a little salt in a separate bowl and make a paste by adding some water to it.
    7. Heat a griddle and add 1 tsp oil.
    8. Dip the vegetable disc in corn flour mix and then dip it in bread crumbs such that it is covered from all sides.
    9. Make more such discs and shallow fry for a minute on medium flame.
    10. Flip them and add few drops of oil to all discs and shallow fry the other side too till the color changes to light brown.

    You can serve these yummy cutlets with any dip of your choice!

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