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    An Open Letter To Everyone Obsessing Over Their Baby's Skin Colour
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    Sasmita Bisoi
    WOM Contributing Editor, 
    I am from Cuttack, India. After working for 6 years, now have taken a short break to give full time to my baby girl Samaira born last September. We call her Sasha. She is a complete stress buster :). Finding time is easy when you really want to do something. :) Cooking and scribbling down thoughts have become a passion for me. So have turned to a freelancer these days. :)
    baby's skin colour
    26 July 2016

    An Open Letter To Everyone Obsessing Over Their Baby's Skin Colour

    3 mins read
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    Like every day, that day also I took my baby in the stroller and started for a walk. But before completing the walk, I thought to go to the park as I was not in the mood to walk further. Soon I entered the park; I chose to sit on a bench for some time. After 10 minutes, a woman not less than 60 years, wearing a smile on her face sat on the other end of the bench. The world knows women cannot remain silent. My baby started saying ‘aa-aa’, ‘ta-ta’ looking at the lady compelling her to say ‘your daughter is cute’. In this way, our communication started.


    I was touched by listening to her real life story where her parents were worried about her future and many such inspiring things of her life. And all this was because she was a dark-skinned daughter. But this did not deter her rather ignited her spirit to prove her mettle. As she was good at studies, it constantly reminded her to achieve something in life. Later she became the first science graduate in her locality and soon got a very good job. Then, she got married to an academician, who encouraged her in whatever she did. Listening to her story, I was taken aback.  Then thought why obsession with skin colour comes for girls only? Is fair skin really needed for a girl? Our society has changed or still we need fair girls?

    In fact obsession with skin colour starts not from the birth of the child, rather when the baby is in the womb. I know when my cousin (wheatish colour) was pregnant; she was taking saffron as someone told her taking saffron with milk will influence baby colour.

    But after the child birth, I did not notice any significant change as the baby was like her mother. In today’s age, when we say women are no less than men, in this case, why there is a demand for whitish colour? If that would have not been the case, fairness cream advt. would not have been round the corner and matrimonial advt would have skipped the word ‘fair looking girl’.

    However, it all depends on the mentality and mind set of the people. If everybody would have opted for creamy colour, then all the dark skinned colour girl would have sat in the house. Now, being dark is the latest fashion. Even tanned complexion women are ruling the silver screen. It is a proof that people are embracing dusky colour.

    Well, at present what matters is how presentable and confident you are in your body as well as in your profession. So, all the moms and dads out there chill out if your daughter is dusky. Treat your darling as special, praise her talent, encourage her pursuits, be supportive of chasing her dreams coming true and above all teach her dark is beautiful. It all starts with family - It is the prime responsibility of the parents to perceive tanned colour in positive way. Happiness lies within you and in small things. When these small things are blended together, it brings a big difference for you and for your family at large.

    If you have confronted any such experiences related to complexion, share it with us!

    Picture Via Shutterstock

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