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    Amazingly Soothing Things That Always Relax My Baby Even When She's Unwell
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    Tanya Khubchandani vatsa
    I am from Mumbai, India. Public Health Strategist, Entrepreneur and the Author of Mommy Diaries, , and @mommydiaries on instagram (!
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    10 January 2018

    Amazingly Soothing Things That Always Relax My Baby Even When She's Unwell

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    There are few things more heart wrenching than taking care of your children when they are unwell. Soothing them in this state is a task in itself. Here is something that always works for me when my children are fussy or ill.


    There’s nothing worse than when your little one is crying inconsolably, except when they are crying inconsolably because they are feeling unwell. Soothing a crying, stuffy baby is heart breaking and is truly a very powerless feeling for the mother who often doesn’t know what to do and how to make her little one feel better. We hold them close, rock them and sing, sometimes we bounce around and play music, in desperate times we will jump around and sway with them or pace for as long as it takes. I personally play happy music and cuddle my little ones, until they calm down. However, when they are unwell, all these methods fail to offer any comfort to a crying infant or baby.

    Even a normal logical toddler can become stubborn, and difficult to handle when they do not feel like themselves, and every toddler’s mom knows that their go to in this situation is to then lie down and scream unreasonably, leaving the mother perplexed and re-evaluating all her life choices.

    I went through a situation recently, when my toddler was feeling under the weather, was unable to identify how she was feeling, she cried because she was tired and feeling unwell, she even threw up, and then refused to get dressed again after I washed her up. She was hysterically shrieking, and I eventually had to hold her in place to soothe her because nothing else worked – with the addition of one secret trick which I will soon tell you about. In fact, she calmed down with this little trick and fell asleep only half dressed!

    So, what’s the magic trick that works for me when my little one is fussy, tired, needs soothing and is unwell?

    Eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender oils on her pillow and clothing always help her calm down and sleep more soundly.  Since essential oils in their natural pure forms can be allergenic for babies, Vicks Baby Rub, has a fabulous petrolatum based solution, which includes these soothing fragrances, that is safe  to put on the skin of our babies as young as 3 months of age. And I have been using this on my little ones since they were just that old! The soothing solution even helps moisturise their skin!

    My daughter is now 16 months old and my son is almost 4 years old. While my older one is easier to handle, I continue to use Vicks Baby Rub on my daughter. I simply rub it on  her chest and the soles of her feet. Vicks Baby Rub works not only when she is unwell, but also when she needs to be soothed and is a little extra fussy too. Moreover, incorporating Vicks Baby Rub into a massage works wonders as we are combining two sure-fire baby soothing techniques there, and this combination gets my baby on her way to bed quicker and calmer than I can often believe!
    I’m truly impressed with Vicks Baby Rub and how it helps soothe my baby girl when  she is crying, fussy and particularly when  she is unwell. There are not a lot of products that can do this. In combination with a mother’s touch, this is just the right potion to help you and your little ones get a better night’s sleep. 
    Always read the label of your medication. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor.

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