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    Absolutely Safe & Natural Remedies for a Restless Baby, From My Personal Experience
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    Amruta Ramsubramaniam
    ForVicks Babyrub , 
    I am from Mumbai, India. Amruta Ram has pursued her post-graduation in Marketing & Cosmetology. After the birth of her child, she extensively studied the concept of early learning, gentle parenting and Montessori. She left her high-profile corporate job to pursue her passion on Early Learning. She loves to document her Montessori – inspired journey on her YouTube channel and has helped 1000’s of moms to enjoy this journey at their homes. You can check her YouTube channel here: She also blogs at where she offers Free Printables for Toddlers and pre-schoolers. Amruta also creates and designs customized Montessori-inspired wooden toys for children which you can check at
    09 January 2018

    Absolutely Safe & Natural Remedies for a Restless Baby, From My Personal Experience

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    About Vicks Babyrub
    Nothing upsets mothers more than seeing their babies restless and fussy. That's why we partnered with Vicks Babyrub to help you gently soothe your little one.
    It is mid-winter, the weather is getting chilly and the air feels unruly and congested. With the onslaught of these climatic changes, comes a series of flu-like symptoms, be it cold or cough. And if you are a mother, you know that our babies and little children are always the first to get affected by these sudden weather changes. Well, there is a scientific reason for this obviously – our little ones are still building up their immunity - which is why the cold and cough viruses affect them more. But it is heart-breaking (to say the least) to see our bundles of joy all stuffy and congested and cranky. Yes it also means that their body is fighting with these viruses (which of course is a great sign), but well we also need to give them relief so that they feel better soon. Let's learn how we can do it, in this article!


    Having done a part of my graduation in Food and Nutrition, I have always preferred taking a natural, wholesome route for most of the nutrition or health-related issues/problems. (Of course, there are exceptions where you have to visit a doctor or a health practitioner).

    This is a perfect opportunity for me to share my preferences for natural remedies when it came to soothing and calming my child.
    (You will come across a lot of natural remedies to calm a hyper child, but as always, please check with your paediatrician before you try any of these back home with your children)

    1. Breast milk

    I remember my son having his first signs of cold on a chilly December morning when he was barely 4 weeks old. And having a pediatrician at home in form of my father in law is the biggest blessing ever for me and my son! I remember him telling me that morning, there is one wonder potion for almost all of the baby problems and that is your breast milk!

    To me, that was the proudest moment as a mother, because the medicine that my baby truly required to feel good whilst building his immunity was getting produced right there within my body! Rightly so, breast milk is packed with antibodies that help to build immune health against various types of viruses and bacteria, while keeping the baby happily hydrated!

    From that day onwards, we always relied on breast milk for all sorts of things - soothing him, calming him or just helping him build his immune health. Exclusive breastfeeding for first 6 months does wonders for babies' natural immunity (not to mention about zillion other benefits that it has). As a mother, I was so amazed by the power of this wonderful magic potion that we extended our breastfeeding journey until R was 3.5 years old!

    2. Catching up on some sleep

    Children need adequate sleep and rest in order to fight off those nasty bacteria or viruses. And well, as parents we know that sleep-struggle is real! I have seen my son getting cranky and restless when his sleep is compromised. So, find out how you can best help your little one to get some precious sleep.

    There are many natural remedies to help babies sleep. For children over 1 year of age, you can add some honey and dash of cinnamon to a glass of milk. These act as naturally soothing ingredients that will help the child calm down and sleep better.
    For us, one thing that really worked was getting him to sleep early. That way he slept for longer and was well rested when he woke up in the morning. You can do this by following a simple bed-time routine every evening (preferably at the same time). For us, it is a quick wash - dinner - brush - lots of cuddles - bedtime reading.

    Besides these home and natural remedies, I have also been recently using a pediatric version of Vicks Baby Rub especially when my son has a restless night because he is not feeling well (again this was prescribed by my father in law). They have recently launched the Baby Rub version (which I feel is such a great relief for moms with little babies over 3 months and above)!
    I first heard about Vicks Baby Rub from my cousin who stays in Australia, and how she used it for her baby with great results. That is when I told my father-in-law to keep me informed if he sees it getting launched in India (as pediatricians they always receive first-hand information!). So I was happy when I saw that now we have a child-safe, non-medicated version right here in India! When rubbed gently on the back and chest, Vicks baby rub definitely helps calm and soothe the restless baby.

    I have observed that it acts as a very good relaxant and helps soothe little children, especially during chilly winter nights. I have personally observed how a comforting massage with Vicks Baby Rub makes my son feel comfortable enough to enjoy a good night's sleep.

    Having done my post-graduation in perfumery and cosmetic management, I tend to read (and scrutinize!) the product labels and ingredient listings. This particular tub of Vicks Baby Rub has a wonderful concoction of ingredients like rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus, which are well known for their aromatic fragrances. Besides it also has coconut oil and aloe vera, which acts as a hydrating moisturizer for baby's gentle skin and will ensure that the baby's skin stays soothed and nourished.

    3. Saline nasal drops

    This again was prescribed by my father-in-law. And I have observed that it really helps to decongest my son's irritation/ nasal congestion. You can even make your own DIY salt nasal drops at home, but I would really recommend you to get it checked by your pediatrician before using it.

    4. Ajwain potli

    This is again a very popular natural calming remedy for toddlers. Works well for babies, too! (Ajwain is also called as carom seeds and these are well known for their anti-bacterial properties, besides giving instant relief for signs of cold, cough and congested chest).

    You begin with dry roasting some ajwain seeds, let them cool off a bit (but make sure they still are a bit-warmish, not hot). Then tie them into a potli using a thin muslin cloth. Now let the child inhale it or hold it near the nose of babies. Its soothing, medicinal scent really helps to relieve and calm the baby.

    You can also gently dab this potli on child's back, chest and feet making sure the child has his clothes and socks put on. (Do not use it directly on the skin). This has always given instant relief to my son, and I really value this natural remedy a lot, because I have seen it working so well for us!

    5. Mustard oil

    Heat about 5 teaspoons of mustard oil with ajwain seeds (you may also add a crushed garlic pod to this). Let it cool. Now strain this concoction and store in a bottle. When you want to use it for your child, just warm it a bit and apply gently on child's feet or chest.

    I hope you found this article useful, especially since winter is here! I would love to know how you try to soothe and calm your child when the weather acts out! So feel free to drop a comment, because I always love reading experiences from other moms.
    I wish you all a very happy, healthy and a merry wintry season! Stay warm, stay blessed!

    Always read the label of your medication. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor.

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